Motivated teachers: a factor of good results

María del Pilar Urrea Cortés, group 9. PFPD, La Sabana, University.

It is not a lie that some teachers still remain in their students’ mind and heartbecause they touched their deeper sensitivities for good or bad. Maybe, one can find that those who were motivated to work are those remembered for good, and as a consequence, their students gainedsuperior outcomes. But, what does exactly motivate teachers? The answer could be related specifically with three aspects: quality of life, salary and encouragement.

Undoubtedly, the quality of lifeinfluences every worker accomplishment. And teachers are not apart of this factor. The causes of a good quality of life and their consequences in teaching institutions could be found in the followingmatters: Are they happy and healthy? Do they have a good health service? their family and working relationships are good enough? Is the working atmosphere enjoyable? Is there o good level of respectamong the school staff? Are the teacher’s tasks related with their profession or are they doing the secretaries ones, for example? Are they involved in recreational and welfare plans? Do they respectand value their profession? Are they aware of the importance their roll has in the society? Do they think in their students needs? Do they take advantage of most of the professionalized opportunitiesthey have? Are they open minded and do efforts to involve the new tendencies in knowledge, adapting them to their students’ context? In conclusion, do they love their job? And do they feel not workingbut enjoying what they do?

The second aspect mentioned in teachers’ motivation is related specifically with the remuneration and is it strongly connected with the first one since could be consideras a domino effect not only for institutions but for people themselves. In fact, through history, these employees have not been paid as well as they deserve, and the tendency in our country, to the…

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