Musica- ingles (:

Is all the music similar? Through out the years music has been changing I found out my favorite type of music and the one that I dislike more. I chose theelectronic music and the “Grupera” music. The similarities between the “Grupera” music and Electronic music and electronic music are: the pace of the beats, the lyricsthat talk about love, hate, happiness ad friendship. Both bring a negative impact, also it brings a lot of spectators. But there are also differences betweenthese two types of music.
First, the rhythm of the electronic music gives me the urge to dance even it the song does not have any lyrics. The electronic music isproduce by a turn table to bring out the different sounds also it can be created by a computer, but the computer is the heart of the project, combining all thesounds together and making it electronic. Most electronic producers also combine electronic hardware instruments that go into the computer with internal software. The”Grupera” music uses music instruments like guitar, accordion, drums, trumpets and a tuba which produces different sounds as to the electronic music.
The mostimportant parts in the songs are the lyrics. While electronic music has a profound meaning, about nature and talks about how we can preserve the animal life. Oneexample is the song Ocean Blue by Above and Beyond. It talks about saving the marine life. Contrary to “Grupera” music which speaks about violence and theirluxurious possessions. An example of this is a song from Larry Hernandez, called “Up to The Fashion”, it talks about all the things he has bought while being a drug

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