Mac vs windows

Windows vs. Mac: What platform is best?
When I see a Mac I fall I love. I compare the differences and obviously the price is the most remarkable. A MacBook Pro costs 2199 Dollars, a Dell XPS with thesame performance out of 1679 Dollars. In times of crisis, a Mac does not seem the most affordable option. What do I think? Sometimes I think to associate the cost ratio of a Mac to the cost living. Ithink the interesting thing here is performance. Obviously the Mac is more expensive than any PC in the same way that a Mercedes is more expensive than a Hyundai. Now the question is it is worthbuying additional services that brings a Mac over a PC. And I mean topics such as security, lack of viruses, system stability, durability of equipment, quality materials, design, power equipment.
Iunderstand that the description of an equipment cannot be reduced to the capacity of the processor, ram memory, hard disk and so large of the screen. This would cancel the difference between operativesystems. In fact the advantage of Macintosh is more in software than in hardware. If I could afford a Mac, I will have the best performance but the Mac is not perfect, it have some problems. Even designerrors, like putting the entrance of microphone and the exit of earpieces in the same port, or the adoption of the MagSafe connector, that nor is so safe, nor are so comfortable. As far as the operatingsystem, I prefer that OS X is spectacular, but also exaggerates, and he is not much more fast that XP. Since Apple prevents that OS X works in other computers. Computers with a very good operatingsystem. It is that sufficient one? For me, no.
All the computers have failures and in this question the list of errors and holes of security of Windows is more extensive than the one of Mac. If OS Xwere never fail, the NASA would not need its own one putting satellites in orbit. We could follow this conversation eternally showing failures of both platform. However, for me there is something is…