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After the cutscene Clank will have an upgrade that'll allow him to enter "rifts" that'll help you get to the next area by releasing the Nethers out of the wall to break it down. MangledTest your fighting skills by surviving a battle around Destructapalooza's prize trap, The Mangler! This is a list of the gold bolt locations for Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction. As you do change gravity left then time it right to change it up then push the moveable object to where you can change gravity down for it to fall through the hole then change gravity right so it can fit in the slot. The last one you'll have to watch out for will be in a airship firing at you as you need to make sure to save up whatever ammo you can to help prepare for this fight. Finding all of their locations unlocks the Ultimate Explorer trophy, many options in the If you've got 30,000 bolts to spare (which is unlikely), you can also get the Ultra Nanotech. With this one you'll have to go against a Gargathon but unlike any fights that you done you'll have three platforms that you can stand on to do any firing from. Once you're on it head to the door and hit the panel to make your way back into the ship and after you make it through the other door you'll be able to obtain a new weapon. While you have only one minute to take down fifteen targets. Upon getting there, there'll be a couple Thugs but when attacking them there'll be more that'll come to their aid and once that they're done head in the other direction from where you came before attacking the Thugs as you can reveal a Grav Target as you can take that up to a platform up top so you can claim a Gold Bolt. If you have gone to Kragg to get the Jetpack you can continue on but if you haven't you'll need to head there to get it before you can continue on. Make your way through the opening then up each of the platforms to the top and when there you'll find another RYNO Holo Plan that you'll need when you talk to the Plumber later on in the game. To move it you have to be next to it and hold Circle to move it in the direction you need to move it and don't change the gravity yet as you want to move on the side where you can pull it then you want to jump on it to get on the other side of it to push it to the next area. Make your way to the end as you want to take care of the Thugs to help out the Terachnoid. Although if you want to dispose of them to help get your Nanotech or your weapons further upgraded you can do that as well. Thankfully the Destructapalooza is not a regulation arena, Rewards:GrummelNet Jetpack6,000 BOLTS4 Raritanium. Orb. When the door lowers head on in and at the end there'll be more Grav Targets as this one you have to carefully put the streams so you can get to where you have to get to next. You'll have 2 minutes and 20 seconds to get through five rounds of Thugs and with some Blade Bots along the way. At the end you'll need to lower the next part and to do so use the Omniblaster to shoot at the panels to lower it down to continue onwards. There should be roughly four or five of the flowers that you have to destroy before you have a horde of Sarathoids after you. For acquiring all 28 of them you will be given the Ultimate Explorer trophy. New ObjectiveInvestigate the Thugs-4-Less outpost. By the time you get in that one it'll take you to the platform that you need to get to then to glide down to take on a couple to few waves of Thugs as Clank will try to hack the control station. Jump over the Nether crystal then change gravity to the right for a second then change it up and move to left then over the divider then to the end as you want to let Clank drop with the current gravity situation. Once that they've been dealt with grab the Battery Bot from the platform to where you need to put it to crank out the second pipe to connect to the main. Once that you do that you'll have to make your way through to each of the grav leaps that's on the ground or on the side. How do you start a new game while im still playing? Once you get done with the first Netherverse Puzzle head through the wall that had been busted down and head upward then you'll have to get across but there'll be another rift along with another Netherverse Puzzle to do. Once on the platform make your way through but have to be careful due to having to use the Grav Tether again as there's a couple Thugs on the other side. 0:00 Ryno Plan #3 0:12 Gold Bolt #4 0:38 Gold Bolt #5 0:52 Ryno Plan #4 1:13 Gold Bolt #6 Please Leave A Like! In the next room there'll be a wave of Thugs to deal with in the room, dispose of them quickly. Objective CompletedHead to the Meero Orphanage. Welcome to the walkthrough for Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus for the Sony PlayStation3. New ObjectiveGo to Containment Wing to Secure Vendra Prog. Once you get there cancel that one out then start it up but at the one on that platform first then aim at the one on the cliff to the left of where you came. For this one you'll need to make your way around some walls then use a ramp to get to some platforms to get to the crank and then use another ramp to get to the higher ones to take out the Thugs to get to the Platform of Salvation. Once you place the Battery Bot in the hole then crank to get the first pipe connected and now onward to the next which can be done in any order anyways. Now get in it to get to the platform and once that you're there you'll need to cancel out that one then once again fire at it and to the one that you'll be seeing to the right of the one from where you came. When it comes to any weapons I'd recommned using Mr. Zurkon/Zurkon Family, Nightmare Box/Terrorizer, and the RYNO VII. From the start of the planet you'll want to head straight as you want to follow the path then make a left then a right and finally glide your way down to the next platform. Do this with twenty enemies and it shouldn't be too hard to get through it. Once you get to the platform with a refill station and a bolt crank, turn the bolt to stop the overflow from reaching you but before you head on out use the jetpack up to a platform between a couple pipes to claim a RYNO Holo Plan before making an exit out of there. Best thing to do is to know how you dealt with Neftin but without having to deal with the train coming in with the Thugs as you'll need to watch out for the usage of the Mace Ball. This area have to look at the Grav Targets as there'll be one on the wall at the end as you need to fire at that then the one at the far on the left end then the same with the Grav Targets that's on the other walls of the ones on the right. With this one is close to To The Skies challenge but instead of twelve rings to go through you'll need to take down twelve Thugs and the best way to do that you want to use a weapon like the Omniblster/Dual Omniblasters to get through it. Make your way through the door that's been opened after turning the crank then you'll need to find a rift for another Netherverse Puzzle which should be the second door to the right at the train. Do so and you should be able to get on the bottom ledge and get up and you'll find your first Gold Bolt of the game. During that time destroy any of the asteroids that come at you unless there's a shield that you can stand behind during that time. Introductory BeatingDestructapalooza would like to welcome you to three rounds of angry Thugs and perilous hazards. You will be able to get out of the water onto the ledge with the gold bolt on it. The Thugs that were in the beginning stage of the game come back to exact their revenge for their defeat on the Nebulous Seven. Menace Ratchet & clank (2016 video game) wikipedia. Fly through the rings and defeat the Thugs! Upon getting to the end you'll need to swingshot your way across as there'll be a few more Nethers to deal with before you can make your way out of there and it'll be done for this planet as you'll want to head to Planet Kragg to get the Jetpack before going to Planet Silox. Welcome to the walkthrough for Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus for the Sony PlayStation3. When they've been dealt with head on through the door that Vendra went through but as you do there'll be a Thug to deal with before you get to the door at the end of the hallway. Take them both to the sky and the ground! VII Holo Part: 1 - Weapons Available to Purchase: Winterizer [30,000 BOLTS], Mr. Zurkon [20,000 BOLTS], Objective Completenter Destructapalooza tournament on Planet Kragg. After making your way to the first planet of the game and knowing what has happened thus far, and knowing that you'll have to do what you can to stop Vandra and Neftin from doing what they're trying to do. When the path has cleared and now to make your way to the orphanage where Neftin and Vendra were at, as you want to go ahead and drop down as there'll be a wrench crank to bring out the swingshot target so you can get across by jumping and pressing Circle while using the Left Analog Stick. Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus Gold Bolts Guide in High Definition Played on Legend difficultyRatchet & Clank: Into the Nexus - Walkthrough Playlist: ===== Location: Planet Yerek - Meero Ruins=====­===== Trophies:- Gold Rush: Find all the Gold Bolts=====Follow ThePlayStationN4TION on: Youtube - Twitter - Facebook - Defeat Neftin's robot double and take home the cup! Gold Bolts: 0 - R.Y.N.O. The Thugs will be harder to do but as this one may take a few tries to get past it. 2) You will need Ratchet's O2 Helmet to get this Gold Bolt. Objective CompleteSecured Containment Wing. Now head back to where the Thugs were then glide down to the next area and go through a pipe but watch out for the Sarathoids that are in there then drop down as there'll be more Sarathoids to deal with. Once that you set up the first one ride it up to the platform then make your way across to the other that you set up then once you get in it ride it to the top so you can enter the orphanage. At this point there isn't a way to get off of the planet right now to head to Kragg as you'll have to finish the other objective first and when you're back to where you can refill your ammo and all that. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Other than that it's just like the last challenge like before. This page is a list of all twenty-eight gold bolt locations in Ratchet & Clank. Gold Bolts: 3 - R.Y.N.O. Although if you feel the need to have any backup you can bring in Mr. Zurkon to help out in to assist. The majority are accessible on the first visit, though this is under the presumption the player is already in possession of the required gadget, weapon, or item. There are 40 of these bolts in the game, and as you collect them you unlock costumes that Ratchet can wear. By the time you get on the far platform is when you'll find out that the turrets on this planet are still active and will trigger if you walk under the red search light. ... into the nexus gold bolts guide planet yerek. Precision ShooterUse the Temporal Repulser to blast enemies back into the Mangler. Use the Omniblaster to defeat him then make your way to the other end then make your way down the grav leap platform but there'll be some blade balls on the way down. Be best to make sure you have all the current weapons if you do and all of them full before gliding your way to the next platform where you see a couple of Thugs as you'll need as much as you can to deal with a few sets of waves of Thugs on the platform. Once there make your way to the left but when you do there'll be like cavern flowers that'll be spitting out Sarathoids to attack you as you'll want to destroy them to prevent any more Sarathoids from coming out of it to attack. After you beat Qwark, on planet you can redeem some of the Gold Bolts. Going against the Voltanoid shouldn't be too hard but have to fire when it attempts to make an attack to fire at it and recommend using the Omniblaster or the Fusion Grenade during the fight. Upon that you'll have to make your way past another thug before you can make your way to the door that'll lead to the final area before you can check up on Cronk and Zephyr. Rewards11,000 BOLTS1 GOLD BOLT5 Raritanium. Revenge of the ThugsA few of the Thugs from the Nebulox raid heard you entered the competition, and are looking to finish the job. You want to start up a Grav Stream but before you do there's another at the end of the moving platforms that you may want to set up so when you get to the end of them you can hop in it to take it across to where you have to go. Now make your way across as you have to jump on a platform then jump again to get over there as there'll be some Sarathoids to deal with there, and once you have disposed of them head in the little area to grab a Battery Bot. Dispose of the Blade Balls and the Thugs, and after you do you'll be able to see what's going on with your friends. which gold bolt are you referring to? You want to watch out for the Thugs that'll throw grenades at you as you want to make sure you can time their attacks to avoid them to take them down. Smugglers Parrot Location. Use the Grav Tether to create a Grav Stream to get to the next set of Swingshot Targets then once on the platform you can refill your ammo if needed or purchase any weapon that you may have saved up to get if you have enough. As another timed challenge as all of them will be timed except for the very last challenge. GOLDEN SHOWROOM #1. When you get to the door throw the wrench at the panel on the side to open the door then grav leap to the next platform. Follow the pipe down and be sure that you have a full or near full of the Jetpack to make your way through and once that you get to the end you'll be on a platform that has a refill station that you'll need to refill to make your way any farther. Best thing to do is defeat some then go after the regenerators to destroy them and one of the best to use is the Fusion Bomb on them to help reduce the number of Serathoids. Platinum Bolt #1 On Challenge 4, go through all of the rings without missing a single one to receive the Platinum Bolt. As you fight the one in the airship there'll be a couple on higher ground that'll be giving him cover as he attacks you and when you have dealt with the one in the airship as well as the ones on higher ground you'll need to turn the bolt crank. When you do that change gravity right as you want to try aiming for the ground in between the liquid. After the cutscene you have to get out of there by getting on a grav leap platform. New ObjectivePowerup the Weeblesnog water pumps. Cracking TimeCrack Thug skulls and earn time to break some more. Objective CompletedFind a Path to the Meero Orphanage. Veteran FAQ/Walkthrough writer since January 2002 with 50+ guides written. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Additionally, those allow you to configure your game in some extent - be it the appearance of the main character or some of the elements of the environment, or the possibility to make the game easier. Take this up and you will reach the "Golden … Keep in mind that you'll need to refill the Jetpack every so often depending how you use it, if you let go for a couple of seconds before using it again it shouldn't be too often to refill but if you stay on it then you'll need to refill more. Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus FAQ/Walkthroughby: Stephen "Warhawk" HarrisCovers: PlayStation3Date Created: September 9, 2015Date Finished: December 3, 2015Facebook: Donation: [email protected]: 3.0. Otherwise, hop down off the ledge to the left. Comet-Strike the cars for fast bolts. I recommend you use the Treasure Mapper to find the Gold Bolts. Now if you're wondering where the Battery Bot is you'll need to go to the right of where you were facing upon heading to where those two Thugs were as there'll be another Thug there to deal with before grabbing the Battery Bot to head up to place it in to crank the bolt. When you have all of them dealt with one of them will blow the platform as you'll need to head to some platforms that you'll have to jump from one to another as the platform you started on will start to sink to get to where a Grav Target will be lowered to get a Grav Stream going to get to the next area, but watch out for any Thugs that'll try firing at you as you make your way up. Check out the hints below to find the gold bolts you haven't added to your collection yet. Upon doing that head on down as you want to try get down there as quickly as you can as this one may take a couple of tries in getting the skill point(s) for this one. To The SkiesTry the GrummelNet jetpack and take to the skies. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Make your way forward until you come to another part where it'll happen again as you'll want to once again double jump then glide on down to the next area. Once it's down make your way through it as there'll be another quake as a couple rocks will come down that'll allow you to make it across but once again another Nether to deal with when you do whether you do it from afar or after you get over there. As you go further don't be afraid to use the Nightmare Box to help get the Thugs scared then switch back to one of the other weapons to get through but as you get a little further watch out for any that'll be in a turret that'll try firing non stop at you. As you advance there'll be at least a few more of the flowers that'll be doing the same along with a few other Sarathoids to deal with and like the previous are know what to do here. The sooner you can destroy the regenerators the better off you'll be able to get this challenge out of the way. KillshotThis modified Plasma Striker only does damage on weak point hits. When they've been defeated take control of the turret as long as the Thug didn't have a chance to use it against you and turn it to the left aim it upwards to the boxes that can only be destroyed by use of the turret as you'll find the last Gold Bolt of this planet. Best thing to do is to hav the backup of Mr. Zurkon for this while using any weapon that has a long range. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Drop down then up the ladder and it should be right there to do the next puzzle. When you make your way in head to the right as you get another audio file to listen to from Vendra as you want to take another right to the end, take a left and then another left at the end as you make your way through but watch out for Sarathoids in the area. As you do there'll be some asteroids that you'll have to watch out for but before you can get back inside the ship there's some thrusters that need to be taken out but the only way for that to happen is Cronk will shut each one down as you get to them. Upon reaching the pipe there'll be a few Thugs at least that'll try slowing you down before making your way out of it before making it to the platform. Like a Flying LombaxUse your new jetpack to mark on a airbourne assault on our elite team of Thugs. Upon getting to the end on a platform as there'll be a Gold Bolt in this area but will require a use of a turret but one problem as there's a few Thugs in this area that need to be dealt with first. Make your way around the red search light and seeing that there are more as there'll be a way around them taking an alternate route to get there where the Thugs are. Once you fall down where it is, push it so far before changing gravity down then pull or push the moveable object so you can open the rock gate. This chalenge you'll have to fly through the rings using the jetpack and make your way through twelve rings during the challenge. Acquiring it will reveal all the uncollected items (Gold Bolts, cards, Raritarium) on every map of every planet you visited. If you head to the one on the left first and as you do there'll be some Thugs that have Jetpacks that'll be at the final area once all three pipes have been connected as you want to dispose of them but when they've been dealt with head on straight, but without having to refill on the Jetpack if you need to already. Go toe-to-toe with the baddest death machine ever constructed, Once again another challenge involving the Mangler and this time it has the attacks that it had with the floor shocker and the lasers which will make this one a little more challenging to get through. Be sure to watch where they'll be coming so you can defeat each one to earn more precious time to make it through. This may take a couple to few tries if needed but keep an eye out which fan you'll need to get through on the way back as there'll be a refill station to use if you need it to refill before making your way through a pipe. Inside of the Extras tab you can find: Galleries. Once across head straight as there'll be a couple of Thugs to deal with upon getting there and when they've been dealt with there'll be two ways of going either to the left or to the right. As soon as the water starts draining wait for it to drain a little before you start gliding down and make sure you follow the trail of bolts to help guide you where you have to go but at the same time watch out for any Thugs that'll come in during that time. You can jump and glide from the room after the Grav-Tether part ( minute 12:31) to reach this Gold Bolt. New ObjectiveEscape the Nebulox Debris Field. When down there make your way into the pipe but smash the Raritanium to obtain your first Raritanium that can help upgrade the weapons to not only make them more powerful as well as increasing the ammo capacity, getting more Raritanium and to even amount of damage done or increase the rate of fire. Collecting Gold Bolts will give you various benefits. When you have made it past the third wave of Thugs you'll need to glide down and follow the trail of bolts to get to where you have to go to next as there'll be some Grav Targets in this area. Once you get back crank the wrench crank to move the one then hit the Grav Targets to get across but you'll need to drop around half way or so on the platform then jump back in the stream to avoid getting fired at. In this walkthrough you will find how to get through not only each of the planets in the game but also where to find the Gold Bolts, RYNO Holo Plans, and how to obtain the Skill Points. Blazebot BattleThe Polaris Consortium of Robotic Gladiators labels the Blazebot "a burtal, blood-crazed killer not fit for regulation areanas." After waking them up and start moving around you'll have to follow them out then to the door to the right upon walking out. VII Holo Part: 2 - Weapons Available to Purchase: Plasma Striker [45,000 BOLTS], Nether Blades [16,000 BOLTS]. Zero Hour BlitzCan you defeat the many rounds of enemies before time runs out? After the third puzzle you want to glide down to the next platform as you'll find Vendra and Neftin. Get to the end of the platform to turn the crank then get a Grav Stream going and when you get close to the Battery Bot slow it down and grab the Battery Bot to throw it near the door at the end of the second Grav Target. You don't need the Hoverboots to get this Gold Bolt. Oltanis. Get onto the nearest grav leap platform to make your way back inside. Upon getting there, some Blade Balls will come up from under the ground as you can deal with them by using the wrench and then there'll be four Grav Tragets that you need to link to form two streams to get to the next platform. The only enemies that you'll have to worry about during this one are Thugs with jetpacks and best is to use any shooting basted weapons but to avoid using any weapons like the Fusion Bomb. As soon as you get in there, there'll be some Sarathoids to deal with and once they're dealt with make your way on the higher platform to turn the wrench crank then make your way up the magnetic floor to the top into the pipe then to the end as there'll be a weapon vendor to refill/purchase any weapons. Teleport from your ship via the pod provided, and you will notice a VERY tall building that you can enter the center of. Put Through The GrinderThe Thugs have rebuilt the Mangler and given it a few new death traps. There'll be some Thugs along the way that'll try stopping you from completing the challenge but I'd recommend using Mr. Zurkon and the Omniblaster [or Dual Omniblasters if it upgraded that far at this point]. As you fight through various Thugs including a couple of them being in airships throughout the battle. Once that gravity has been restored to the ship then you'll have to watch out now as Thugs 4 Less will make their way with plans of breaking out Vendra. As you get down there you want to start off by following where you see the Nethers floating around and when you do there'll be some Sarathoids that'll be coming out of a couple flowers as you want to do what you did earlier in the stage when seeing these things. Gold Bolts are, funnily enough, bolts made of gold that are very rare and often hidden. For this one first thing you want to do is change the gravity to the right as you can slow Clank down if needed as you want to go so far then go in between the hole in the rock to the moveable object. When there you'll want to make it near the vendor and to the left as you'll see some crates that you can destroy for some bolts but go farther and around the corner as you'll find the first of two RYNO Holo Plans that's on this planet. Put the Battery Bot in its place then crank the final one so you can make your way down the drain. Once you get it there get to where you can pull it then get on the other side to push it down then change the gravity down to put it where it needs to go so you can get the blockage to continue. Return of the ManglerBigger, Badder, Manglier. Walk over to them and use the wrench on each of them to wake them up to do what needs to be done. After that aim the turret to where the other Thugs were to destroy the gate so you can get to the next section as there'll be a couple more Thugs to deal with on the platform at the very end. Change gravity down then go smack the Nether then change gravity up and when you get to the platform slow Clank down so you can get over the pit without taking any damage to get where the next moveable object is. Throughout the challenge you'll be having Thugs [melee and ranged], Blade Balls, and Bomb Balls during the three rounds of the Introductory Beating. ratchet and clank gold bolts guide. If you want to save any ammo it'll be best to get into the turret to use that to defeat this wave of Thugs to make it easier on you as well as saving any ammo on them. This one can be a tough one if you're not used to defeating enemies with the wrench as you'll need to deal with Thugs, Blade Balls and Sarathoids. After you have done that it'll be time to enter the bronze cup and win it to get the jetpack but without going through four separate challenges with their own rewards. Now you get to fight him! If we head to the left there'll be a Thug along with some Blade Balls to deal with in the next section and when you get to the edge where you have to jump from platform to platform but when you get on the first if you rotate the camera to the right some you'll see a place that looks reachable with the Boost Jump. Don't go straight as you'll want to head to the right to make your way through some sewers and as you do you'll be finding some Sarathoids around as these ones will be running away from you so you won't have to worry about fighting those ones off anyways. You must jump off the edge with the traffic and glide into the tunnel. Pick it up and get back using the teleport. Now take it near the train where you have to throw it at the control panel so you can make your way further in the stage and when the train has moved there'll be some Nethers that'll come in to deal with. You'll have to deal with Serathoids but there'll be a problem is that you'll have to worry about them regenerating during the challenge. Best thing to do is to fire at the one on the right then the one on the left before you use the wrench crank and after you do all that make your way across on the rock platforms then get in the Grav Stream to make your way forward. Keep in mind that there'd be two choices on that to ignore them or take them out very quickly, it'd be your choice. Once you do head change the gravity to the left until you come near the end then change it up until you get near the end and then change it to the left. Upon getting to that platform there'll be another platform to your right that you want to get to but you can get there by gliding using Clank's Helipack when you'll find a little recorder with a recording by Vendrea be sure to listen to it as it plays. When you get there via the Grav Tether, there'll be some Blade Balls and more Thugs to deal with upon getting there and when they've been dealt with there'll be one near a Grav Target on another platform so deal with him before setting up that Grav Stream. There are 2 Gold Bolts in each planet except for Yerek which contains 3. Once you have it and got to the other side of whichever side that you the stream is going then head to the drainage to insert the Battery Bot so the water can drain. May take a couple tries to get it right to the end of it but when you get to the end change the gravity down when you're clear of the liquid but once again may take a couple tries to get it right to get through this for the skill point as you should be able to drop down all the way to awaken the Nether by smacking him. Right of the bat you want to press the Right Analog Stick to the right to change gravity to the right making Clank go to the right quicker but if you hold L1 to help slow him down if neccessary. Objective CompletePowerup the Weeblesnog water pumps, New ObjectiveTravel to the Sky Train Station. Planet Gold Bolts Nebulox 7 0 Yerek 3 Kragg 2 Silox 3 Thram 2 Igliak 2 The two on Kragg are both rewards for completing arena challenges. One you do that turn the camera around as you'll find the way that you'll need to head to next and when you do find where you'll see a stopped fan to go through those to make your way through to where you have to go.

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