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Set the drum fish in a shallow baking pan. After the fish is cleaned and all the fins removed, it is cut into one to two inch thick sections. I still love smoked Goldeye, but the, Memories Caribe Beach Resort, Cayo Coco, Cuba, How to remove a hard drive from your computer. I left the Freshwater Drum in the smoker Except for color, freshwater drum resembles its marine relative the red drum. In Louisiana we are fortunate to have an abundance of fresh seafood. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. They can reach weights of over twenty pounds, but drum over five are rare in most places. The simplest method of cooking a red drum requires only oil, salt and black pepper. difficult to keep the temperature in the smoker low on warm days. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. website that you should never freeze them, because the meat tends to get tough. We put the meat into Bring this mixture to a boil, and then turn the heat back to low low, and slow cook it till the veggies are cooked, and the fish is well done. Unfortunately, this allows the smoke to escape, but it lowered the temperature I released them all. After it cooled down a bit, my wife We put … We went to the Cypress Point Resort for a 4-day fishing trip. Cast Iron Black Drum Recipe. I decided to keep one for smoking. Add the grapeseed oil … We called them Gasper Goo. Drum fish is baked at a medium heat to retain the moisture found in the meat. I tends to get too hot too soon and when the element isn’t on, there will be no Brined and Smoked Fish Recipe's. The fish is seasoned with salt, red and black pepper, garlic salt, onion salt, and Tabasco or Louisiana Hot Sauce. The smaller freshwater drum fried up completely fine. When we decided that cooking and eating freshwater drum was what we intended to do, it was not without apprehension due to conflicting stories of taste and quality. It is a large, round-profiled, silver humpbacked fish. I've caught drum on redworms, shad, crayfish, minnows and crickets, and on fishing lures that run the gamut from spinners, spoons and crankbaits to jigs, bladebaits and jerkbaits. Freshwater drum has a reputation for tasting bad, but that could be the result of its diet in some waters.More likely, though, it is the drum's reputation as a "trash fish"—arguably it is not— and its resemblance to such "rough fish" as carp and suckers with their down-turned mouths and large, rough scales. I'm definitely going to try this now. that has two or three tablespoons of cooking oil coating the bottom. Season the water with shrimp and crab boil, following the instructions on the bottle. It’s not a popular eating Most of the attendants at the resort said, “some people eat it”. Then I took it to my smoker. As it says in the header, I want to use this blog to write about things that have nothing to do with my books. JAVASCRIPT IS DISABLED. It was a very unpleasant fillet, and not one that I’ll eat again. I kept close Freshwater Drum Like a Wide Variety of Baits and Lures. With the lack of fish being caught in the form of crappie, we found ourselves in a small bay that was producing several catfish as well as freshwater drum (sheepshead). Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. A particularly useful tactic when fish are scattered and difficult to find, chumming involves spreading fish food -- separate from the bait on your hook -- in the water to attract fish to the general area where you are fishing. Ted, thank you for your comment. It is the main part of the fillet, and the only real usable meat in a drum. I took it out in the morning and let it thaw in the sink. sheephead) provides a nice way to fill the weeks before salmon start congregating near river mouths for their annual spawning run. Adult drum eat many foods, including insects, mussels, crayfish and small fishes. The goo fish is the nickname for a freshwater drum; known as a gaspergou or sheepshead. A couple immediately into the smoker. I did notice that is was a bit more oily than most fish, but not entirely inedible. you was just curious about this as i caught about 6 of these on a morning outing to the banks around selkirk. Our plan each year is to eat many of our meals out of the lake… Fish we caught. I am from Texas, Beaumont, Texas to be exact. Drums have large eyes, a very high back, with a long dorsal fin with 24 - 32 rays and a rounded caudal fin. We breaded our freshwater drum in salt, pepper, and flour; egg; and Andy’s Fish Breading and pan fried it in Wesson oil. When the usually release them again. When we cooked and ate the larger freshwater drum, the meat was very chewy. I left the Freshwater Drum in the smoker for 90 minutes, and then I took it out. The winds were high and we had difficulty catching the crappie we wanted. I'll be writing about anything that causes me to either be happy or somethings that concerns me. Growing up I caught fresh water drum often. Soon after that I read on a from now on. It seems Freshwater Drum will be on my menu 6 lbs goo fish, cut in … Texture wise it was like eating a piece of overcooked steak. I hope next year isn’t as hard fishing, or we may have to resort to eating Asian Carp! immediately peeled off the skin and removed the meat from the bones. Other Names Drum Fish, Gaspergou, Gou, Sheepshead Description Aplodinotus is Greek for "single back", and grunniens is Latin for "grunting", referring to the fact that the species may be observed (or felt) making "grunting" sounds. Adult freshwater drum fish have quite the appetite and a varied diet that can include crayfish, insects, mussels, and small fish. R. It, instead of flaking, broke apart in chunky pieces that brought me to the brink of vomiting. Bring to boil enough water to cover the amount of fish you are serving. It I don’t have any knowledge of how the local may prepare their freshwater drum. My favorite drum recipe: Try this Mock Crab Meat dish. By putting the fish in right at the Even so, drum is underrated when it comes to its reputation as a table fish. the evening I put it into a covered pan and left it in the fridge overnight. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I have fished all my life. I left it in a cool room for 2 1/2 hours. Skeletal features of freshwater drums are reinforced skull and unique ear bones, known as otoliths. I added new wood chips every 30 minutes. The world record made by drum weighs 54 lb 8 oz (24.7 kg) which was caught on Nickajack Lake in Tennessee. Welcome to my personal blog. Freshwater Drum are able to make curious croaking noises. Cooking and eating freshwater drum certainly won’t be on our menu again…, Sounds like you over-cooked the larger ones and/or let them get cold. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The freshwater drum is a rounded fish with a small tail and a silvery cast to its scales. So come and visit me sometimes. If so, how do you prepare it? Yesterday morning I removed the fish, washed it and rubbed the inside and Bring to boil enough water to cover the amount of fish you are serving. Find your favorite redfish on the halfshell recipe, and sub freshwater drum for the red drum. It is excellent. finally smoke it. fish. Serving Northern Indiana In and Near Kosciusko County. Freshwater Drum recipie. We serve this "Goo Sauce" over rice. It tasted okay, but it was a but the small ones i was catching today would have been perfect. After it cooled down a bit, my wife immediately peeled off the skin and removed the meat from the bones. Your email address will not be published. It was not until I moved to Louisiana that I learned how to cook "Goo". powder and coarse salt. I selected 4 freshwater drum to prepare for lunch. Many baits entice them. Once the fish cools down too much it becomes difficult to do that. Typically, drum weighs 2.3–6.8 kg (5–15 lb). When I make fish chilli, I prefer to use freshwater drum, for the firmness.-Bret if it swims. I know a lot of people are skeptical about eating Freshwater Drum. Apparently, that’s what The day before yesterday I decided to In Any recipe for blackened redfish will be spectacular with drum. So I put this one into the freezer. It was the first full week of May 2014. The freshwater drum, also known as the sheepshead, thunderpumper, bubbler, grinder, white perch (maybe they’d taste better if you called ’em that), gaspergou, goo, croaker, silver bass or grunt, is a deep-bodied silvery fish with a hump-backed appearance and a range extending from the Great Lakes to Guatemala. Freshwater Drum Trash Fish Tuesday: Freshwater Drum. Ingredients. watch on the smoker. Cook down until the sauce is thick, and not a soup. The freshwater drum, Aplodinotus grunniens, is a fish endemic to North and Central America.It is the only species in the genus Aplodinotus, and is a member of the family Sciaenidae.It is the only North American member of the group that inhabits freshwater for its entire life. Mix together 1/2 a cup of French dressing, two tablespoons of lemon juice and 1/4 teaspoon of salt. Freshwater drum fish, Aplodinotus grunniens, are a native, freshwater fish with the greatest range of any fish in North America. I wouldn't want a huge one as these can get quite big. Posts: 7,341. texas. This will take about 45 minutes. also known as Sheepshead and Silver Bass around here. Their mouths point down. Freshwater Drum (Sheepshead) Also known as sheepshead, the freshwater drum is known for the rumbling and grunting sounds the males make to attract mates. These chopped ingredients are then mixed with the chunks of seasoned fish. For us Big Easy Paleofiles, seafood should be a staple in our diets, particularly local seafood. We filleted the drum in the same manner as any panfish. There is no real theme here. So far, I’ve used this brine on Spanish mackerel, halibut, several species of salmon, and even gaspergou (freshwater drum) with great success, but the best tasting brined and smoked fish ever has been pompano. A fish stew made with the goo fish. It sounds like a very Louisiana type of recipe. Enter your email address to subscribe to Handy Father and receive notifications of new posts by email. A while ago I caught a Freshwater Drum, A popular game fish, it can be caught with variety of baits. with garlic I have another blog. Recently I heard a new term: Manitoba Tilapia. Drum activity peaks in early summer in west Michigan. and the elements started to glow again, therefore creating new smoke. Do you? Re: Freshwater Drum Recipes? It is the main part of the fillet, and the only real usable meat in a drum. smoke, or very little. The drum’s fillets are interesting in that the fish has little belly meat. call it. Chumming is a common practice among saltwater fishermen, but considerably less so among freshwater anglers in the United States. I used Apple wood in my Electric smoker. The small fillet from the drum was not a terrible texture or flavor. They are tough fighters on the line, and according to … I'm always on the hunt for goldeye for my smoker as well and i got to thinking on the way back to winnipeg how these fish would be smoked. This mixture is them placed into a pot big enough to hold it. We use a cast iron dutch oven, or, a big aluminum oval pot. Once the It could be political, travel, a hobby, or anything else. The sentiments expressed of the smallest freshwater drum fillets do not extend towards the larger fish. Required fields are marked *. temperature reached 200 F I opened the door to cool down the inside. can of tomatoe sause. really the best time to smoke fish (or anything else) in an electric smoker. the fridge to be consumed today. Freshwater drum is silvery or gray in turbid waters and in clearer waters, they are more bronze and brown colored. Cut the drum fish steaks to an appropriate serving size. The freshwater drum is the only North American freshwater representative of the Sciaenidae family which includes the croakers, corbinas, drums, seatrout, etc. We sometimes add two tablespoons of corn starch mixed with cold water, to thicken the sause if it is too thin. I was running so low... Read Topics. Freshwater Drum Are Easy to Catch Anglers enjoy the thrill of the catch, and freshwater drum can be easily caught with multiple types of lure and a variety of foods. Once the seasoned fish and veggy mixture is in the pan, or dutch oven, and on the stove top at medium high heat, a can of Italian Spiced tomatoes is adde, and a four oz. It is really good in a tomatoe sauce. Then a large yellow onion, or two small white onions, are chopped course, A bell pepper, a stake of cellery, a half a pod of a garlic(chopped fine), a half cup of green onion tops, and a quarter cup of parsely are also chopped. fish cools down too much it becomes difficult to do that. The freshwater drum (a.k.a. The dorsal muscle on the freshwater drum is thick. Stir to dissolve. The Freshwater Drum is also known as Sheephead in our area. They are fun to catch, but I For the sweet potatoes: Heat a large skillet over high heat until smoking hot. 4. Posted on June 5th, 2020 . The freshwater drum (Aplodinotus grunniens) is a silver-gray color on the sides with a white stomach. It was quite warm yesterday and I discovered it is How to clean and cook a freshwater Drum (sheepshead) - YouTube of months ago I made a Freshwater Drum on the bbq. My dad and I were recently fishing at Reelfoot Lake, TN. Its mouth is located toward bottom of its face. We had mixed feelings among people when we asked if anyone does any cooking and eating freshwater drum. Freshwater drum have heavy pharyngeal teeth, molar-like grinders in their throat, used to crush clams, mussels, and crayfish. Summer isn’t Due to the shortage of more conventional fish, we decided cooking and eating freshwater drum was worth a try. Red drum can be cooked on the stove, in the oven or in the broiler. Stephen Klobucar While the fog wisped off Kentucky Lake to reveal a rolling, silhouetted landscape, my mind remained socked in a haze. it again and let it sit in the cool room for another 2 hours to allow the skin I hung the fish beginning without preheating the smoker, as the instructions tell you to do, [Re: fwbret/txfishes] #5890005 02/25/11 04:16 PM: Joined: Jan 2005. bit too greasy. We catch lots of Freshwater Drum in Lockport. this will prevent the fish from sticking to the bottom. The meat has firm texture, like its cousin the redfish. the Filipinos living in Winnipeg Red drum, also known as redfish, channel bass and red bass, is found in the Atlantic coast of the United States and Gulf of Mexico. These teeth are especially useful in ecosystems where drum are now forced to coexist with invasive zebra mussels—“gous” do their … I must tell you though that if you prepare fresh Drum and follow this simple recipe you will be amazed at how good this fish tastes. They are the only North American fish that inhabits freshwater its entire life. I normally keep smaller Drum under 6 lb. Your email address will not be published. The pot should be shaken from side to side, not stirred. The small seafood markets are a blessing and offer an opportunity to score the freshest seafood available. My mother said "Goo" was good baked, so when I caught one, or two, that was how she would prepare it, baked with a bit of butter and seasoned with black pepper and salt. Submerge the trout fillets, skin side down, in the brine for about an hour. After all, we caught 10 of them one morning, and they averaged 12-16″ per fish. outside (I removed the scales before I put it into the freezer!) for 90 minutes, and then I took it out. This fish is similar to carp. for eating. adjusted the temperature to 200 F and the time for 2 hours. I don’t have any knowledge of how the local may prepare their freshwater drum. Distribution and Habitat: Common statewide in medium-sized streams to large rivers and reservoirs.The Freshwater Drum is a bottom-feeder and usually occupies sluggish pools and backwaters of rivers, and deep, open waters of reservoirs. I have cooked drum too. Some people eat them. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window). the fish is subjected to smoke as soon as the wood begins to burn. This is a freshwater drum. Then I washed Some locals call the freshwater drum white perch. Unusually tough and a little oily as you found out. The dorsal muscle on the freshwater drum is thick. We breaded our freshwater drum in salt, pepper, and flour; egg; and Andy’s Fish Breading and pan fried it in Wesson oil. Do NOT Stir the pot. but that one limits me to what I sometimes want to publish, because it is mainly used to promote my books. Taste was by no means premier. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. to dry. I’d definitely be willing to give it a try, and maybe even update this article with the results… If I can talk dad into keeping some drum again. In a bowl, combine the water, salt, honey, rum and lemon juice.

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