calèche hermès perfume

This feeling. Then a man stopped me and had to know what it was that I was wearing that was so beautiful...He went to purchase it right away! $159.99. Caleche is a glorious soapy aldehyde floral, which in its glorious vintage form (I own a late 70’s edt) shares similarities to the more joyous Madame Rochas. The current reformulation is very close to the original and it still has one of the best drydowns I ever smelled in a perfume. This fragrance in addition exudes class and refinement. Great classic perfumery. It was much too formal and classical for me at that time. The Classic collection bears witness to the initial encounters between the house of Hermès and fragrance. Big aldehyde opening with Caleche, sadly on the sour side. Now only on first whiff smells like it used to smell, however the heart and dry down is nothing but aldehydes. it reminds me of k krizia, but unlike k it dosen't stay sharp. Luca Turin described it as a 'wan' aldehydic and I'm afraid that I completely agree. • See conditions and procedure in our return FAQs, Like to know more?Contact Customer Service. Free postage. The citrus notes are too prominent, particularly a lime accord that is drowning everything out. $68.00 HERMES JOUR D'HERMES PARFUM PURE PERFUME REFILLILLABLE LOCK- 0.25oz/7.5ml - NIB The drydown is spectacular. VINTAGE HERMES CALECHE EDT EAU DE TOILETTE *MINI* 7.5 ML .25 OZ. Don't discount what the original was and still is. Uhh-ohhh...this was one of my few blind buys that just did not work at all. A highly feminine, woody, chypre floral, its name refers to the horse-drawn carriages that are emblematic of the house. It gives a nod to two emblems of the house, and translates the perfumer’s tactile … I have tried wearing the reformulated versions but something is always missing. As I said, after four hours or so the drydown is absolutely heavenly and keeps projecting. It's not my thing,and I'm so sad because I was expecting to like it.It's just exactly what I don't like in perfumes, but at the same time it's dear for me because my Grandma uses Pani Walewska Miraculum and it's exactly the same fragrance. Amongst the aldehydic perfumes it has a very particular character and to me what gives it that character is the scent of lemon and orange - to me this scent is about lemony and orangeish aldehyds. OLD FORMULA. Loved it from first sniff by my inexperienced nose, I was speechless and converted. This perfume to me smells exactly like the Chanel no 5 used to smell back in the 90's . Invigorating is the word. The scents tell the story of the living heritage of Hermès, its references, its secrets. offers Caleche perfume in various sizes, all at discount prices. Updated. Pure Perfume 0.5 Oz. There are plenty of lovely leathers out there for me to try. When you love something so much - you simply can not go into the note progression descriptions, like oily-aldehydic-woody with hint of leather. Pre-barcode. I smell an antic or a church, imbued with the smell of frankincense. So glad I found this site. If you sprayed a scent strip with Calèche and waved it in front of people at the bus stop, you’d probably get a lot of wrinkled noses, along with comments like “old lady” and “perfume-y,” even among people who like perfume and happily stock their bathroom shelves with Jo Malone and the latest Dior flanker. They all have a common feel though, and one must include in the group also Calandre, closest to Madame Rochas and very powdery as well. CALECHE by HERMES. A reminder of a visit to the Hermès leather vaults, Kelly Calèche is a light, feminine, joyous expression of leather. Elegant and romantic. I wear it when I don't want to offend - no one has ever commented on it - and save the more challenging scents for my off time. This is a personal favorite that I have worn since the mid-60's. LaniC -- excellent observation and very aptly described by you, but it is that very hint of pathos that makes this such a very special scent. Timeless. Aldehydes are REALLY REALLY present here. I typically go for sweeter scents, gourmands especially, but this is just such a timeless, elegant, luxurious scent that I can't help but love it. I have the lotion and EDP. 3.0 out of 5 stars 3. Alcohol, Aqua (Water), Parfum (Fragrance), Hydroxycitronellal, Limonene, Coumarin, Geraniol, Linalool, Hexyl Cinnamal, Cinnamyl Alcohol, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Evernia Prunastri (Oakmoss) Extract, Citronellol, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Citral, Benzyl Alcohol, Benzyl Benzoate, Farnesol, Benzyl Salicylate, Eugenol, Cinnamal, CI 19140 (Yellow 5), CI 14700 (Red 4), CI 42090 (Blue 1).This list may change over time. Enjoyed reading all the comments and really need to treat myself to a bottle again. I can't really see a teenager wear this, but I can see a tasteful twenty-something and beyond wearing this beauty. Now Caleche is not completely identical, but it's damn close to the scent of my favorite powder. One to look up to, like a tall elegant aunt, or priest even. 5. £99.00. If Caleche is a carriage, - then only the one, which drives you straight to heaven. It is a delightful floral, with gardenia and iris oakmoss and sandalwood, which combine to give it a mystery and elusiveness.I picture a woman of charm and mystery wearing this, alluring without being too obvious. Only had a tiny tester vial in my 20's. I Love it. I’m a huge fan of soapy fragrances. As time goes by, the scent of gardenia seems to wear off, and the scent gets more and more lemony, now acquiring a character of its own. Oakmoss on the ground with a few shoots of dry salty cynical vetiver. I do admire it and on others it smells divine. For the vintage EDC, this is an aldehydic floral with neroli, iris, rose, LOTV, sandalwood, musk, oakmoss and vetiver, or as my mom likes to say, "You smell like a French whore." I touch Caleche on my neck and wrist again. I am 57 now, and this has long been my special scent. Very luxe. Caleche by Hermes Pure Parfum 7,5ml, New sealed! This is a fresh scent with some floral notes. This is an old standby of mine for the workday. “A perfume of leather and flowers, as light as an angel’s wing.” — Jean-Claude Ellena. And how, at the height of joy we can be reminded of some long gone bitter-sweet memory. more closer to rive gauche than chanel no.5 in terms of dryness although rg is of course more floral. It doesn't smell like a different scent. Very wearable. It is just mine- Caleche - I love YOU:), If the idea for this perfume was to make a more wearable version of Chanel 5, then it worked just perfect! It does not conjure up visions of walking in the Bois de Bologne but of a baby. I gather by reading many reviews that the formula has changed. I don't get the"nobility of iris", as stated in the description above. I was smelling citruses very weak, killed with other sharpness, but fortunately it was my favourite liily of the Valley and jasmine. Rouge smells old world and classy but there are no mothballs. "More than perfume", more than precious, extrait de parfum is the ultimate in perfume: the most intense vibration, acaptivating personality, a lingering sillage with lasting presence. Next. I was able to get a small bottle of the vintage version from ebay as a blind buy. This is a great winter/spring daytime scent. I guess one might say it's "heavier on the woods" in the base, but in my opinion it's just very dry and actually borderline unpleasant. I could wear it as a modern fragrance could do. To dry, to saopy, to....non-sensual. Composed by Guy Robert in 1961, Calèche is the first women’s fragrance from Hermès. I also purchased the original Eau De Toilette version by accident as a backup bottle. I m pretty sure that this one comes only in an eau de toilette concentration and believe me it really shows . Also, a little parfum goes a long way with great silage and longevity. I don't know what it is that I'm smelling as I look at the notes, but this stuff is divine. No crashing from top to middle to base. The majority will describe it as soapy or powdery/makeup-y, but it's so much more than that. Oh my... does no-one but me associate this one with the briskness of the seashore? I loved this as soon as it hit my nose and for several hours afterwards. Sadly many of his earlier creations including Madame Rochas have been altered almost beyond recognition with each reformulation, becoming not only insipidly weaker but also very nearly unrecognizable from the original formulas. • By PayPal®, Returns and exchanges  $140.00 $ 140. A previous reviewer stated that this is a wearable Chanel No. this was a pleasent surprise as i didn't expect to like this at all on first sniff. It screams Aldehyde when you first spray it. Price wise, only a little higher in the pure parfum form too. I never liked it, It's too strong for my taste and seems forced. Little touch. The drydown is lovely soft and powdery, like Rouge. I've been wearing this fragrance for the past several days, only when I'm alone with myself relaxing, praying, and reading. To me, it really doesn't evoke an age, an era, a season, or a time of day. Then it turns into a powdery, aldehydic floral. Then it transitions to a beautiful, elegant rose musk that persists until the following day both on my skin and on my clothing. Sweet, soft powder. Iris and aldehydes has to be my least favorite combination on me. That is it. Perfect description and feeling of this perfume! Don't care they call it is feminine - it is sharp and strong, uncanny. I just received the perfume and found it sadly lacking. I got a vintage, but sealed bottle of pure parfum. I got the one with the plastic cap as per the pic above. Maybe it doesn't blend well with my chemistry and is nice to others. The pure parfum (vintage) is the way to go with this scent. strong and very lasting one, i may add. “A perfume of leather and flowers, as light as an angel’s wing.” Jean-Claude Ellena A reminder of a visit to the Hermès leather storehouse, Kelly Calèche is a light, feminine, joyous expression of leather. Although it was made in 1961 it doesn’t smell dated at all. It smells so classy and sophisticated. Warm mossy dry woods round out the scent, and I can't help thinking this is one of the truest chypres I've smelled thus far. I encountered my first real life WASPs at the age of 16 upon my return to my home state of Maryland right on the edges of Washington D.C. after a near 12 year sojourn in the Central Valley of northern California. Its a thin scent if that makes any sense. What was once considered a feminine is now a seriously-I-mean-it masculine that smacks a red handprint on the likes of Cool Water's aquatic little rear, leaving a sheer and floury poof of powder in the air. Your purchases are delivered in an orange box tied with a Bolduc ribbon, with the exception of fragrances, makeup and beauty products, books, certain equestrian and bulky items. This is quite a controversial perfume , from what i can see on the reviews . Then when visiting old home I found it with books. I agree with so many reviews for Caleche. Kerosene, naphtha, awful! To my mind, this is the Grace Kelly of perfumes: beautiful and refined. to call it soapy would be to simplify something that is much more complex. soap, soap, soap. It is a little bit soapy and powdery but I could never call it a smell for a mature woman. it developes fast like a fast forward of a blooming flower into something very rich and hard to analyse. The main thing here is powder and soap. I couldn't stop sniffing my wrist. With its mix of iris, lily of the valley, rose, mimosa and tuberose, Kelly Caleche by Hermes is a great fragrance for women looking for something to wear during the day. All notes are perfectly blended and none of them dominates the others. It has shown an interesting note though in heart - the incense (unusual type of incense found in our Catholic church), but this has disappeared in the drydown. A background lilly-of-the-valley & rose followed by the beauty of Caleche took me to Wavel Castle's old and woody atmosphere. This was a "scrubber" for me. These fragrances are timeless, yet never less than contemporary. Understated, but still makes itself known. Not all the stores have yet the new version so look for the earlier: frosted bottle, transparent plastic cap with golden ring packed in a yellow box. I now must try the EDP, because I am sure I need it for my collection! The middle notes are vintage and old lady-ish.This perfume smells matronly on my skin. Caleche Hermes Parfum Pure Perfume 1/2 oz - 15 ml New, Full, Unboxed,Vintage. My first bottle was a tiny collectible in the early 60s. Not thin and airy in an elegant way but like someone has done that on purpose and you can really feel that and to be honest that really turns me off . It's much much better than that. For me this is a vintage elegant smell - not sweet, not fruity, not floral - more herbal and earthy. The original ~parfum de toilette~ survived for almost two decades before morphing into the thinner & drier ~soie de parfum~ this seemed to be in short supply for a time although recently re re-leased in a more modern presentation package including a price hike that is steadily rising with the eau de toilette even thinner again & harder to find, a possibility of discontinuation perhaps, Vintage 'Caleche', the elixir vitae of white floral fantasies! Hermes Caleche Edt Perfume Spray 50% Full 3.3 oz. Ref.5.201. Gorgeous and unusual. The EDP is so great! My all time favorite fragrance. ... A joyful and feminine fragrance inspired by leather with a Sheer floral scent sparkling and delicate Top notes of lily of the valley rose narcissus and iris. Do I want to give off the odour of an expensive antique? It is a very feminine woody, chypre floral, whose name refers to the horse-drawn carriages that are emblematic to the house. Tell us what you think - opens in new window or tab. I only had one bottle of this which I wore when I was too young to be associated with. The soie de parfum does, right upon application. What it is : A scent composed by Guy Robert in 1961 that is the first women's fragrance from Hermès. I had a chance to buy this in Laguna but unknowingly sniffed Kelly Caleche which I did not like. Piguet Baghari is really similar and to my nose a whole lot more interesting. 5 should smell like, way better than the real Chanel No. I've never worn a perfume that created that reaction other than Oscar de la Renta, which I used to love, but it seems to smell different these days...maybe it's just me. the most "bearable" scent for me out of all Hermes line , its well blended for classic floral / faint leather / Dry fans or lovers . I'm not surprised to see this scion of ~haute-parfumerie~ still in great demand today, another jewel almost lost to the ether of obscurity. Although they say lemon is a top note, there must be something in the fragrance base which keeps its scent throught the drydown and actually makes it get even more pronounced as time goes by. I like it for special occasions when I wear nice clothes, and it gives me self-confidence. Reformulation!! It is a wonderful, timeless fragrance, it's a bit green on me. nice. I got a sample of this because no one in my area carries Hermes and I was curious to try the brand. Hermes CALECHE Pure Perfume Recharge Refill 7,5 ml / 0.25 oz. • Complimentary ground shipping within 1 to 7 business days Eau De Toilette Spray 3.3-Ounces. At first I couldn't place the famaliarity, then it hit me. I am not very fond of aldehydes but could't resist when I saw this on's like traveling in time. Loved it then, not sure how it will go now. My first impression of Caleche, when I was 15, was that it smells just like super expensive soap or cosmetics. I tested the Soie de parfum today, and it smelled exactly like Chanel #5, it has nothing to do with the Caleche I used to wear around 20 years ago .... Where did the old good Caleche go? Very French. Vintage Hermes Caleche Perfume Bath Oil Sealed 25ml - VERY RARE. Dry. I was feeling it is not me, far too strong, too sharp - feminine:P And the rose on the end-not for me. Top notes are Grapefruit, Narcissus and Lily-of-the-Valley; middle notes are Rose, Mimosa and Tuberose; base notes are Leather and iris. $150.00 $ 150. wow wow wow I love this one, somehow I can picture white fluffy clouds and floating lol yes it does have powdery soapy quality to it but to me it smells divine, clean and comforting and very classy. Pre Barcode! Very reminiscent of "Ma Griffe" and Chanel #5. Very classy. Also, Caléche is not powdery, like Rive Gauche and unlike Madame rochas, which is very very powdery. it mellows out to a wonderful softly sweet and dry floral. I remember my friends were wondering if I was visiting a Church far too often, to them it smelled like Church, but to me like my whole imaginable world,- mysterious, full of most incredible living creatures, with flying cars and humans with face of archangel Gabriel. I agree there is a slight leather note also. Makes me think of uptight people. I love it and I want it so much. This is a very mature scent, to be liked by those who enjoy the character of Chanel 5 but find it too accessible.... Ugh. indeed there is a soapy feel to it but only in the beginning. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. If you can wear this, I'm sure it is lovely on you. I was born in an era where aldehydes are not appreciated. I don't think it smells old fashion at all. The Hermès brand boasts a wide variety of perfumes, with unmistakable fragrances for Hermès lovers. Unfortunationally I could´nt find the body lotion for years, but visiting Stockholm´s NK Hermes boutique just this week I noticed they have it. To add my contribution I just voted the other people comments that I liked or that expressed my thoughts better than myself. I have never smelled the vintage, but the current Caleche EDT is breezy and uplifting in a retro way. This perfume is pretty strong. From "french whore" to "baby " (???). Loved that smell! PRE BARCODE- numbered HG13. Recently, I was going by the Hermes counter, I decided to try the 3 concentrations. Shop For Caleche Perfume. As I was listing it, I gave it one last spritz and low and behold, I was finally able to smell a few of the notes. 3.7 out of 5 stars 44. And personally I sense no similarities to either Gold or N°5, perhaps the only link between the 3 being an unsurpassed elegance and style. Elegant, yet still a little brash, sensitive yet still strong, spritual but still carnal. Free shipping. want. If I want to smell like White Linen, I can buy White Linen at half the price of Caleche. Well, I guess now I'm glad I did! Wore it for evenings from the time I discovered it, 1977, until about 2008. I remember experiencing 'Caleche' for the first time in my early twenties and how very closely she resembled the relatively new Chanel 19, I was unaware then they had both been authored by the great Guy Robert. Yes, it has a bit sharp opening but after that the smell becomes the best floral bouquet of flowers I've ever smelled. Beauty Almanac |. I find leather notes fascinating (I continue to be entranced by the leathery drydown of my beloved Chanel No. Also, there seems to be much less spice overall, and when you get to the bottom, the scent gives the impression of sawdust. My French grandmother loves this perfume, when I was buying it for Christmas in 2009 I got curious and sprayed a sample on my wrist. $165.46 - $256.12. It is elegant in a obvious, average way, typical for past decades when ladies smelled of aldehydes, cleanliness and soap. It was the chypre that made the fragrance for me and I wore it with such pleasure. The EDP is POWERFUL. :-(. It has a certain sourness but does not overwhelm with it.And the leathery note is like very thin, very soft leather glove, light brown. Pulling my nose close to my wrist with Caleche on it, again and again. Soapy, woody and leathery maybe, aldehydic just for a whiff and towards the end again. I thought that it was only a personal scent and didn't know that it was projected to others. It makes me feel upper crust and somewhat bitchy...evil and conniving even. I got a sample of this with high expectations. It's nice but it lacked the warmth that No. 1961. Also the Soie de Parfum is very nice. Elegant fresh floral, excellent quality. Visited Saks today and received several samples. And that's about it. This is a beautiful scent, so understated and elegant. it must be beutiful, and after ylour comment i will add it on my wish and 'to smell' list. It is the epitome of chic and much cleaner than Chanel no.5. i actually find no.5 on a less seriously, bubbly side compared to this sophisticated piece of art. Reminds me of Cacherel shirts and strict navy gabardine. This is really a very beautiful creation. 30 ml - 1.0 fl.oz. Le Jardin de Monsieur Li. flower,wood and chypre, whose name evokes the House’s emblematic carriage It turned to pure soap on me. Top notes are Aldehydes, Citron, Bergamot and Neroli; middle notes are iris, May Rose, Damask Rose, Jasmine, Lily-of-the-Valley and Orange Blossom; base notes are Sandalwood, Oakmoss, Vetiver and Cedar. 5 evokes on my skin; I guess I could say it smelled "cold" if that makes sense. This is what I would call a typical classy French perfume. mmm, so good! I was instantly struck just from sniffing at the bottle. Make Offer - HERMES CALECHE Vintage Eau de Toilette EDT 25ML SPLASH 95% Full. But it lacks the development of the original - what you get in the beginning is pretty much what you get all the way through. the first blast of aldehydes in this will practically knock you off your feet. $162.00 more like this. Just as a tinge of sadness makes music more beautiful. Ageless. It's very elegant, sharp and a little serious yet not unapproachable. For an intelligent woman who knows where she is going and never looks back, without regrets. It wasn't so crazy shaking like Rocabar makes me love it at once but it was so interesting. When tested at store it was almost killing me with Iris and sweet ylang-ylang mixed into strong composition. On me it smells like mothballs. ), I'm ridiculously excited while waiting to get my Fed Ex package of CALECHE! As I still have some of the original bottles, I wear them instead and enjoy them. It was curiosity /which doesn't kill the cat/ how it will be now on my skin-I had to try. When I saw it on the dept store shelf waiting for me to test, I had hoped it actually might be a hermes that works on me...alas, not to be. 5. To me, smelling like soap or freshly showered is in a way like being polite to those who come into contact with you. Kelly Caleche by Hermès is a Floral Woody Musk fragrance for women.Kelly Caleche was launched in 2007. I love floral aldehydes and this perfume smells divine, but not on my skin.On my skin smells powdery and soft and thats only the first ten minutes after applying, then downhill,from there on just a stale type of smell.I gave the perfume away to my mother, on her just divine. All of the allotrops of iris, the root and the flower are present, languid and glacial as they should be, entouraged by rose, lily-of-the-valley and jasmine, exulted by the aldehydes and howling light, they stand on the vetiver-moss pedestal, dry, austere, stately. flowers--perhaps dried up musty attic flowers. I've always loved Kelly Calèche, but until recently I've never given the original Calèche a trial run. Free shipping. I would describe Hermes Caleche as the scent of Ma Griffe perfume and a vintage Coty Airspun face powder, tossed about in a new calfskin handbag. I tested Caleche in my research of a perfume that smells exactly like Max Factor Creme Puff Powder. Make Offer - CALECHE by HERMES Women perfume HUGE 3.3oz 100ml EXTREMELY RARE *FREE SHIPPING* Vintage Hermes Caleche .25 oz-7.5 ml perfume parfum spray, vintage rare! It feels like me and who I have become. On my friend - absolutely marvelous!! It glides through to the end. I had a small sample of vintage Caleche, which was glorious. Free shipping. I find it has a positive vibe - probably from all the citrus. Caleche base is oakmoss, while Gold base is spices and musk. While the two perfumes are vastly different, Calèche is just as pretty as its much younger sister, but with a classier edge! Fits perfectly with the trench coat and Hermes scarf, not so for casual style. I grabbed this for my vintage-green collection of comfort scents and I like it very much! Few days ago I received a brand new&sealed vintage (1983) Calèche EDT. Fragrance story : It is a very feminine woody, chypre floral, whose name refers to the horse-drawn carriages that are emblematic to the house. (Retired!) !Smells woody, smokey and the neroli is very distinct. The fragrance in my mind was glorious, the scent on my skin turned out but a pale shadow of it. It feels REALLY watered down and although the smell is on the strong side its not really a full and voluptuous scent you can REALLY detect that this is a really watered down smell and because of that this perfume doesn't really develops a lot. This is my signature elegant perfume for formal occasions. My Mom bought me the reformulated EdT for Christmas, after my husband told her I liked it. Let me just say what Caleche is not: Caleche EDP, is Chanel' 5's sister, but less sweet. Classical and classy. Elegant. Caleche was my signature scent for several years in the 1970s. Made in France. To have worn this in the pure parfum concentration decades ago was absolute luxury, a contentment also found in the original 'First' by Van Cleef & Arpels and of course as mentioned previously the 'au courant' and innovative Chanel 19. This subtle women's fragrance, which was introduced in 1961, mingles the scents of iris, rose, oakmoss and woods. The EDT does not remind me much of Madame Rochas. Like other reviewers here, this was also my first 'grown up' scent - I found it in the bathroom cabinet of one of my parents' friends, fell in love, and I have never tired of it.

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