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Over 3000 contributed abstracts have been submitted. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. My APS. [full name and address of corresponding author]. Submissions should clearly state that data collection is complete. Authors who are merely describing or meta-analyzing the research reports of others do not need to so indicate. Double-space all material. For that reason, we impose a limit of 30 cited references (although we would prefer that the number be nearer to 20) and 2,500 words for the abstract and text proper (that is pretty strict). _____Word count maximum of 2,500 (count only the abstract and all text). Means, standard deviations, and percentages are fine. Each begins a separate page: *Please note the exception to APA style in the location of figures and tables. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. The editor in chief, advised by the APS Committee on Scientific Publications, possesses delegated responsibility for overall policy matters concerning all Physical Review journals. Withdrawing Abstracts Only the submitter can request to withdraw an abstract from the program. 65th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics Volume 57, Number 17 Sunday–Tuesday, November 18–20, 2012; San Diego, California Signed permissions are required from the publisher. Renew Membership Join an APS Unit Get My Member Number Update Contact Information. Keep in mind that the editor will consider these requests but cannot guarantee that they will be honored. Information for. If a submission has a history at another journal, the author should submit the reviews and editorial letter when submitting the manuscript, as this information has the potential to accelerate the decision process. For details see http://journals.aps.org/authors/length-guide. For that reason, we impose a limit of 30 cited references (although we would prefer that the number be nearer to 20) and 2,500 words for the abstract and text proper (that is pretty strict). ���`b��?b��] ��� ����?�*�� �,� Submissions of manuscripts in Word or RTF will use the Word Count feature available in MS Word to determine the word count. Authors reporting medical research involving human subjects (i.e., research designed to understand the causes, development, and effects of diseases and improve preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic interventions) should indicate whether it was carried out in accordance with the provisions of the World Medical Association Declaration of Helsinki. Division of Fluid Dynamics. Authors of contributed abstracts are limited to one abstract (oral or poster) as first author. Please consider the accessibility of the sources you cite. Abstract Length Limits; PRL ≤ 600 characters: PRX: About 5% of article length & < 500 words: PRX Quantum: About 5% of article length & < 500 words: RMP < one paragraph: PRA: About 5% of article length & < 500 words: PRB: About 5% of article length & < 500 words: PRC: About 5% of article length & < 500 words: PRD: About 5% of article length & < 500 words: PRE Referees. PRFluids is strongly supported by APS’s Division of Fluid Dynamics (DFD), and closely interacts with the DFD Executive Committee to expand its scope into emerging research areas of fluid dynamics. All submissions must represent completed work. Defining the Role of Authors and Contributors, II.B. The APS journals offer both green and gold open-access options that enable authors to comply with mandates from funders such as the National Institutes of Health, Wellcome Trust, and RCUK. The problem is of interest due to its applications to mixing in microchannels. Symposium presenters… ASHP will not edit abstracts. Submit a Meeting Abstract Submit a Manuscript Find a Journal Article Donate to APS. Additionally, it is anticipated that media releases may be written for some articles published in Current Directions. The abstract does not count toward the word limit. APS will only correct mistakes and misspellings in the author’s name or affiliation. It will suffice to refer to results as significant (or not). CD captions tend to be lengthier and more informative than the usual APA-journal captions.

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