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Top 5 Crappie Fishing Baits Crappie can be caught with several techniques, from a simple jig or live bait presentation all the way to the advanced trolling and jigging methods used by the pros. Mail in Order Form. Also, trolling small crankbaits for crappie is a “thing” in the Deep South. Floats for Crappie Baits and Jigs When you start to bring them in you will be one accomplished and happy angler. Another time I find myself reaching for minnows is when the bite is tough due to high pressure. Spring into Crappie Fishing. You can find this useful book on Amazon and can be purchased digitally through Kindle or in paperback form. When the water temperature starts to warm up around 60 to 70 degrees, Fahrenheit crappies will start their spawn time. However, they do co-habitate with white crappie often, because they prefer similar areas, as you’d expect. It seems to make them hold on longer, giving you more time to set the hook. When crappie are surface feeding they tend not to bite large lures so crappie nibbles on a hook is a good option. Fly Fishing Bream – Where and When To Catch Bream? Often the fish will be up high on cover and I want it to stay up in the strike zone longer. new arrivals. This will depend on how clear or muddy the water is. When autumn arrives, crappie snap out of their summer doldrums and gorge on baitfish in preparation for a long, cold winter.The fish migrate from their deep summer haunts to the dining areas of the shallow flats.. I find myself using plastics far more, as I like the speed of color changes that you get with plastic baits. Lure Quantity is backordered. If the bite is really tough, and you don’t want to go to minnows, you can sometimes downsize your jig to illicit more strikes. Tipping a jig with a wax worm, instead of a minnow, allows you to fish a jig through heavy cover, such as lily pads, without getting hung up as much. Spring Crappie Spawning Baits. Click Here for AD-Free Premium membership options. When you do that, the scent stays with the jig for a long time, and through many caught fish. This presentation may look strange, and would seem to be unnatural. Baits for Crappie. Most crappie anglers use straight tail and tube-type baits for vertical fishing. friday-monday enter code thanks20 for 15% off on top of the sale going on . Really, any time the crappie bite is good, some jig configuration is typically your best bet. You never know what crappie might prefer on a given day. Contact Joe's Custom Baits. Crappie spawn when the water temperature reaches about 52-60 degrees. 5. Summer’s higher temperatures sees crappie usually sitting a little deeper where jigs and plastics are a good way to reach them. Using this combination of line and bait will ensure that the baits move down slowly in the water enticing the crappies to strike if you’re looking for the bigger sized crappies you will want to use a ⅛ oz jig and 6 to 8-pound test line. After 25 years of guiding for crappie on Roosevelt, Art Chamberlin can tell you just when the crappie will spawn. When I first dropped this 2.5 inch swimbait in the water, I was amazed at the action! 16 Proven Spinners, Hardbaits, Jigs, and Soft-Plastic Lures for Crappie Fishing. I’ll also bring along a few 1/32 jig heads in case I happen to need them. It’s time to dust off your tackle bag, rig up your rods with the right baits and get out on the water for the best fishing of the year. This pattern is based off one of my favorite patterns growing up, it has a iridescent yellow base with a iridescent red back and markings. You definitely don’t want your jig hanging at an unnatural angle in the water as shown below. And, you can use a paddle tail for effective casting and retrieving. Use a variety of live baits, spinners and crappie jigs to catch this species in the early part of the spring. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Most crappie anglers use straight tail and tube-type baits for vertical fishing. They like it there because of the familiarity and safety that the deeper water provides. When I first dropped this 2.5 inch swimbait in the water, I was amazed at the action! Before leaving an area, try working your bait at different depth to take the most advantage of the crappie’s schooling habits. Shad Tail . Noted fisheries biologist Hal Schramm has an interesting 3-part story on MS-Sportsman.com titled “Fish Sensory Systems.” In Part 1 he writes, “If you are not into all the science, remember two things: 1. Crappie are sight feeders, and they feed mostly on tiny grayish or silver colored fish. What Is Tenkara Fly Fishing? No matter what you think about this strange option, I’m telling you, it works more often than not. Crappies flood shallow water cover like bullrush beds, laydowns and brush piles once spring water temps push the 60-degree mark. Jigging is especially effective in the spring when crappies tend to congregate in large schools — enabling you to send a jig into the middle for an almost guaranteed bite. Recently I picked up some Jokers, Shadpoles, and Slabalicious Mr Crappie baits to try out this spring. Once you find where the crappies are at you can switch to a jig and slip bobber or a hook minnow and slip bobber, whatever your preferred method of crappie fishing might be. Obvious, right? You won’t be able to pull the crappies in fast enough! Beetle spins are a fast and easy bait to use when you are looking for the areas that the spring crappies will be. Arkie Crappie Baits. Another effective variation, is to slide a crappie tube onto the hook before hooking the minnow. You will find it in the menu section at the top of the page. Or, you could use a plastic syringe to accomplish the same thing, but I prefer the bait pump. Then, some walleye anglers showed up at crappie tournaments and surprised a lot of people. Fishfinders especially the ones with side-scan can come in handy after the spawn when looking for crappie. Here are a few things to keep in mind while you’re filling your tackle box for spring crappie. Largemouth Bass Fishing Tips – 8 Tips That Will Get You More Bass! This way, I’m not having to replace scent every time my jig is bumped by a fish. Easier to detect subtle bites. If you haven’t used it before, it’s killer on crappie. Solid body crappie jigs also skip under docks better, if you’re into that sort of thing. It’s best to have 2 or 3 weights to choose from, so that you can adapt to current conditions. Once the minnow sinks just below the surface, it’s hard for crappie to resist. Jigs won’t hang up as bad in thick cover. Just pay attention to which hook is getting the most bites. The unique, curved paddletail flat comes to life when it touches water. Mar 13, 2015; By Abe Smith Spring is a season of rebirth and endless possibility. Alive. Speaking of bobbers, my preference is a slip cork. Northern Pike Ice Fishing Tips | 5 Tips To Bring Home The Pike, Spring Crappie Fishing Techniques | Surefire Tips. Submit Rating . Slim SwimZ. They are the king of spring crappie fishing. Using very light 4 pound mono or flourocarbon, and a thin wire hook, I’ll toss it over spawning crappie, and let it slowly sink. This is particularly important if you’re spider rigging or slow trolling. You can use a little fatter bodied bait like a Mr. Crappie Slab Slanger or a Bobby Garland Slab Slay'R on a lighter head to slow your bait down and get a lot more bites. One nice benefit of crappie tubes is that they give you a hollow cavity in which you can insert scents. Most avid crappie fisherman carry a variety of colors on them at all times because they have to be willing to experiment when one color’s not working. But I'm not. | A Sure Fire Guide, How To Pickle Fish | Discover The Delicious Pickling Secrets. When the fish are shallow, and are being particularly wary, I might toss out a minnow with no weight at all. After a few unseasonably warm and sunny days during this early spring period, the crappie might be found right up near the bank. slabanator crappie jigs slabanator crappie jigs slabanator crappie jigs. IT’S CRAPPIE TIME! Muddy water you will find crappies spawning in waters that are 2 feet deep. Nobody knows the ins and outs of fishing Table Rock like people who fish it year-round. You will want to use light-colored jigs like yellow and pink during the crappie spawn for optimal effectiveness. Here we’ve collected five of the best baits for crappie that any aspiring crappie angler should add to their gear. If you can locate baitfish in your pond, that is where crappie will be hunting. These spring crappie fishing techniques will help you catch more crappie during this crucial time of the year for crappie fishing. Pairing these light-colored jigs with tubes or plastic curly tails of the same colors help capture crappies during the spawn as well. Just be sure to use a lighter jig head on the top. When it comes to hooks, you’re going to get lot’s of different opinions. Because if you find the schools of fish but don’t know how deep they are, you might be presenting your bait wrong to them and not catch anything. I’d say that’s what I use 80% of the time – a 1/16 or 1/8 ounce round jig head. The Southern Pro 271 crappie kit manufactured by Southern Pro is a masterpiece when it comes to fishing. I love fishing with multi-toned bait colorations. Thirdly, crappie are much more aggressive during the spawn, so brighter colors can work to your advantage at this time, even if they don’t necessarily look “natural”. Kyle Peterson shows us a cool springtime crappie technique where a "new school" cane pole is almost a must to get a bait in their face, and just as importantly, pull them from the dense cover. Crappie are very aggressive during this time, and will hit almost anything. After crappies have spawned, it becomes more difficult to find and catch these fish. Light wire hooks also more easily bend free of any hooked snags. I have even used a minnow-tipped jig many times under a slip float with great results. Piscifun Fishing Line Winder – Spooling Made Easy! Minnows with a slip bobber or a float are good choices of live bait to use during the pre-spawn. These spring crappie fishing techniques will help you catch more crappie during this crucial time of the year for crappie fishing. Since Good Crappie Fishing is associated with Spring, we find ourselves getting out the jigs. You can check out this popular device at thebaitpump.com. Branching away from chartreuse, other good color options for crappie are white, pink, yellow, green, black, red and blue. So mostly its a big feeding frenzy for crappies during early spring. Crappie are fairly active year round, but fall and spring offer the hottest fishing. I don’t like the flimsy styrofoam lids flopping around in the boat. Since crappie are hitting hard and heavy in the spring, this is the perfect time of year to try different baits and different colors. Casting jigs to the bank will catch fish when the weather is stable or before a storm. Often times the minnow tipped jig has been my most productive bait when running 6 poles. ... creature baits. This helps minimize tangles. That’s why I like jigs with slightly larger hooks. With all that said, I use hollow tubes more often because of the following reason. With all that said, I use hollow tubes more often because of the following reason. Crappie spawn in spring and move into shallow waters to do so, where they can be easily targeted using the full range of lures and flies. Pre-spawn. In open water, when the crappie are often deeper than 10 feet, you can get away with shorter rods. I plan to cover color selection in more detail in another article, but I’d like to make a few quick points about different colored crappie baits. When the bite is slow, minnows are key. Fall sees crappie at their most aggressive and keen to take lures sitting in the upper part of the water column. 1) Southern Pro 541Piece Pro Crappie Tube Kit. They eat all sorts of things, but a crappie’s diet primarily consists of small fish such as minnows, shad, and tiny bluegill. Whether it’s crappie nibbles, slab sauce, or something else, I almost always add an attractant. Bass, pickerel, bluegill, and catfish also follow baitfish around. Spring Crappie Fishing – In the spring the crappie will be moving out of the deeper parts of the water and head back in towards the shore so, they can be found in the moderate to shallow waters. However, at times when the bite is more sluggish, that’s when minnows start coming into the picture for me. By Bob Mcnally. It’s handy to have 2 containers anyway, if you are fishing with a partner. And, the most popular shape is the simple round head. Newsletter. Here we’ve collected five of the best baits for crappie that any aspiring crappie angler should add to their gear. Catch Monster Muskies With These 10 Muskie Fishing Tips, Crappie Ice Fishing Tips – 3 Tips You Probably Overlooked. contact us. shop. See below for a list of my favorite colors. The warming spring water temperatures triggers a feed-a-thon amongst fish. Minnows, minnows, and minnows. Crappie Pro® Creek Chub; Gene Larew® ... 3 Best Spring Bass Baits; 3 Best Spring Bass Baits. However, a live minnow is the best bait there is for crappie bar none. The process unfolds over decades. In the spawn, when I’m fishing in less than 8 feet of water, 1/16 ounce is usually my best bet. The 8 Best Live Bait Rigs for Crappie Fishing. Small-sized jigs that are 1/32 to 1/64 Oz, and look like insects are a good choice this time of year for artificial lures. I plan on giving it a whirl this year. color of a bait, as seen on the shelf, isn’t necessarily how it appears when viewed under water. $18.00. As a game fish, crappie have a following among die-hard sporting anglers as strong as serious sports fans have for major league baseball. Slab sauce is a good alternative to crappie nibbles. Spring is the most productive, with fall running a close second. All will be explained as we track prespawn crappie movements from Florida to Canada, spotlighting unique and unusual tactics along the way. At spawning time you will find crappies in water depths that range from 2 to 6 feet deep. Top Three Crappie Baits. Make sure you get out this spring, because there is nothing better than a pan-fried fresh crappie on an open fire.

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