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Pony up, fella. To tell the truth, I can’t even remember the name of the Hatfield bowhunter I’m writing about. He and those intimately familiar with the stately tree were perplexed by its sudden death – green leaves one day, then brown, then soon on the ground below, leaving a tall, broad, naked skeleton standing more than 100 feet tall with a 19-foot circumference at the base and at least 10 muscular leaders reaching to the sun. I know the hunter had a Polish surname, one beginning with M and ending in ski. (Shakespeare, parodying Malvolio as a Pressey did, however, exercise poetic license of his own by introducing the concept of Hobomock bombarding the beaver with “handfuls of dirt and rock.” That novel concept was most likely borowed from a Nova Scotia beaver myth published in Charles Godfrey Leland’s Algonquin Legends of New England (1884). But at least with role-playing games like Dungeon & Dragons or Pathfinder, you can save the lady in peril using miniature figurines instead of getting your metal armor all dinged up in hand to hand combat! (Shakespeare parodies* the tendencies of To quaff carouse so sound, or tick-tack-toe, played with coloured pegs and a board A case in point occurred during the writing of this piece, relating to what I believed I recalled of Deerfield’s Tercentenary. That position, penned by the same hand, was met with bright red insults from a love-it-or-leave-it teacher, who gave me a D and unfairly evaluated the rest of my assignments that semester. Bruchac and Brooks have done just that, using the tale as the centerpiece around which to build their very own Western Abenaki narrative about our middle Connecticut Valley. posted in Columns, Indians | Despite their different appearance – one with legs, the other without – they were the same beast playing the same cosmological role: in perpetual warfare with thunderbirds, lords of the Sky World in the indigenous Eastern Woodlands realm. In Bacchus' band Want family info? It was an early version of the trail cameras deer hunters use today for the same purpose, although now, even better, motion sensors trigger photos of passing critters. Then, in 1662, he moved a few miles north to infant Hatfield, where he died four years later. It has become the peg they hang their hat on, an enticing tale that draws listeners. You know how that goes. Hmmm? Archery. By 1750, and probably a generation earlier, they had, according to late, great anthropologist Gordon Day, adopted the language of their Sokoki hosts, many of whom had previously lived around Northfield. In the tavern they will play a game in which they will make a wager. Though few knew his name, it was Ulmus Americana, more commonly American Elm – a dying breed that once lined our streets and neighborhoods as deciduous shade trees. Measure uses the game as one of his euphemisms for The Native attackers of the infamous Sept. 19, 1677 Ashpelon Raid on Hatfield and Deerfield used this very crossing on their retreat home, up the Connecticut Valley to Canada with colonial captives. Two of Jonathan Jr.’s brothers were also prominent Greenfield residents. I already miss Scott’s quiet presence out in his yard, across the street at one of his barns or walking the roads on his smiling daily rounds; and I miss his soft voice, his local wisdom, and his warm blue Yankee eyes that reminded a lot me of my father’s. Tavern keeping has paralleled the growth of trade, travel, and industry throughout history and virtually worldwide. When I ran into a particularly vexing snag, I’d compose a concise query in the CompuServe forum and typically receive a prompt and professional answer with a greeting of “Hi Cuz” or “Hello Cuzzin.”. Close up medieval guild sign for a guesthouse and tavern in the historic old city of Chur in Switzerland. published in 1611--"He That Will an Alehouse Keep.". I then owned the South Deerfield home where this woman we called “Antie” and her brother Waldo, my grandfather, were born. Even if you don't post your own creations, we appreciate feedback on ours. Patrons enjoyed songs Unfortunately, there is no 19th-century, wax-cylinder, Native-tongue recording of the Great Beaver Tale collecting Smithsonian Institution dust. On that Ohio college campus, an anti-war demonstration blew up into chaos when National Guardsmen shot four protestors dead and wounded nine others to set off a contentious national debate. He just listed Canterbury among 15 localities he believed to have been named “since the earliest settlement of the territory.” That includes Hopewell, which overlaps Canterbury and he believed received its name in 1679. Imagine that! He states unapologetically that he could “give no reason for its name.” He then attempted to define the area with: “It is now spoken of as including the S.W. spelt Orlando di Lasso (1530-1594). Medieval inns came in many sizes, but they tended to be rather large buildings, prominent in a town’s landscape. Because, yes, I was there 50 years ago for the same towns’ last birthday galas, celebrated in villages where as a kid I played baseball, fished, farmed and foraged … and unapologetically raised hell. Could the ruins brought to my attention by the late Lyndon Scott have been associated with a Great Swamp lumber mill that once supplied the Sanderson tannery with bark and lumber in payment for leather goods? Because, according to Craft, settlers were fearful of marauding Indians, who continued to use Hopewell Swamp at the foot of Sugarloaf for refuge and concealment when passing through. This pack features a full Tavern interior As well as all popular model formats included to use in any engine, we also supply the unity 5 level:FULL UNITY scene level included The pack contains over 30 inn props too - such as the candles, tankards, pots etc. The Gazette story reported that Sanderson had traveled from Whately to Meadow Mills for a “grist” and was killed on the return trip. Mingo"* (see 5.3.73-76), a drinking song We walked down to the base of the tree, where I pinned the end of a 200-foot tape measure 4½ feet up the massive trunk (called “breast-height) as Lattrell walked it down and around the tree. Thus, it was important to assess the apple crop before hunting season began. A buffalo robe was found on the top of the engine’s flagstaff and one bag of meal on the cow catcher. Embedded audio playback is not supported by your browser. The clear, mucky-bedded spring brook runs south approximately 1.3 miles, crossing under Christian Lane and River Road before joining the Connecticut River about 1,000 feet northeast of today’s Straits Road-River Road intersection. I guess, messy accidents have always sold newspapers, huh? Plus, Canterbury likely hadn’t even been named by that early date, three years before Deerfield came into existence as Pocumtuck. Come dressed as a Knight, King, Jester, Lady, Viking or Dragon and participate in many authentic displays. We were encouraged to dance on tables and had our own waitress for the night. Dassatti joined us on our way to the site, all of us arriving in separate vehicles in compliance with social-distancing recommendations. The Banquet. What I now know but didn’t back then is that Hatfield actually goes back more than 350 years. No petroglyph expert, it was time to reach out. A right-place, right-time scenario, they are the beneficiaries of a captive audience, housebound and bored silly, that’s searching for anything to break the tedium of COVID-19 quarantine. Because of a shorter North Country growing season, Native communities situated there clung more to their “Old Ways” of hunting and gathering than their southern, agriculturist cousins, who adopted Three Sisters farming of corn, beans and squash as their foundational food source. A satisfied smile. A tavern meal. So, at this point, we’ll just have to live with the mystery at a time when only a few local historians are familiar with the obsolete name that went out of use long ago. And the same can be said for anyone familiar with the more twisted shape from the second and third western terraces, the latter known as Hopewell Plain, traversed by Long Plain Road, first known to colonials as the Pocumtuck Path – that is the road from Hatfield to Pocumtuck, later Deerfield. Zachariah’s son, Sgt. Credit Acton kayaker Al Peirce with the interesting May 20 discovery, made while killing time awaiting takeout following his maiden Deerfield River paddle. As the years passed, extended-family members carved out additional farms and sold small parcels to new neighbors. No Comments. After a brief, tell-tale pause, his furtive answer was Chestnut Mountain, a well-known deer-hunting ridge straddling the North Hatfield-West Whately line between Route 5 & 10 and Northampton’s Mountain Street Reservoir. When I tried unsuccessfully to pull right through the snag, I backed off, freed my boot, and spotted a shiny cord of some sort. Among the tables run at a dinner dueling knights in armor, fiery show. We finally connected last week, when we in front of the Deerfield Inn. Samuel represented the first of many Fields or Field spouses to be either killed or captured by Indians, including many during the famous February 29, 1704 French and Indian sacking of Deerfield. The entertainment consisted of medieval reenactment, fire eaters, belly dancers and it was fantastic. “What a magnificent tree. First, the glyph’s straight edges and depth suggested metal tools to him. This historical work of literary non-fiction views our slice of the Connecticut Valley, homeland of the Pocumtuck, through a Wabenaki lens, adopting the same Wabenaki place name Savageau had introduced for Sugarloaf in her poem. The recreation of a medieval banquet while appeasing modern taste required a lot of recipe research. Those villages existed in an area now occupied by Northfield, Hinsdale, New Hampshire., and Vernon, Vermont. It was a Dry Hill-High Ridge racker, and an extraordinary one at that. I was dumbstruck. I know it wasn’t a house. And stout doth stand The train was immediately stopped and backed down to the crossing and Mr. Sanderson was carried into Mr. Billings’ [home]. I was sitting at my desk crafting the opening paragraphs of a column, when a sudden distraction flashed in the lower right-hand corner of my laptop screen. The humble man remained upbeat, seemed to accept his blindness with aplomb and without regrets or complaints. I’ve attached photos.”. Finished hunting the wetlands bordering his meadow across the road, I spotted him in front of his garage and pulled in to chat. Fidgety children likely heard the short version of such stories around the spring fires of Peskeompskut (now Turners Falls) fishing camps, or in association with a Green Corn Moon festival. In New England, the lord of the underworld was the related Great Horned Serpent. Medieval dining experience in the historical place of old Vilnius.Сomplete immersion in the atmosphere of 14 century with authentic music and taste. The horns and long tail were dead giveaways. all passages in the program) is read in Shakespeare's They do. So, I had to rule her out before spending another second trying to arrange a field trip. Service. Although the regional preferences didn’t necessarily rule out the possibility that the Montague carving had been executed by an indigenous carver of Connecticut Valley heritage, it did raise warning flags. Much more. Chur, GR / Switzerland - 29. Never do such unfettered thoughts flow freer than on brisk, solitary walks, one foot in front of the other, heart thumping, blood circulating, sweat dripping, thoughts swirling into a dust storm of stimuli, the topics darting from here to there and back again. We’d start the fall in the October swamps, overgrown fields and orchards, wing-shooting pheasant, grouse, woodcock and an occasional duck behind my black Lab, Sara. Out of the focused reading arose growing suspicions in my mind about the source of the Montague petroglyph. We can now only ponder the historic events this grand old tree witnessed. Not new to me, it never gets old, and now many of the most essential information is available at the tip of your fingers in cyberspace, necessitating fewer trips to the library. posted in Columns, Indians, Local history, South Deerfield | They call that reciprocity, don’t they? Once I learned to navigating around the program, I was able to glean much new information about South Deerfield ancestors and relatives long ago entered into my Family Tree Maker program. In the 2010 notes, I had fortunately recorded an alphabetical list of the family tannery/shoe-shop patrons, as well as notes of interest here and there regarding specific transactions. He calmly intervened, telling his grandson that was no way to treat a tree, that trees were living beings who should be treated with affection, the same as you’d treat an uncle, a cousin or grandparent. The problem is that a definitive answer may be more elusive now than it was for Temple and Crafts 148 and 101 years ago. By task and turn so round, Praise the joys of capitalism. Though I have not seen it, Field’s tale likely found its way into the Greenfield Gazette and Courier before it made its way into History and Proceedings. Then, peering up innocently through the drooping, tangled canes, the boy dropped the hammer, saying, “You’re supposed to call them indigenous people.”. A Mordor Murder Mystery. “Well,” he said, “someday when we have more time, I’ll show it to you. The reason I suggest uncertainty is that I know memory doesn’t always serve one well, especially on familiar turf, where one story can easily run into another over time. Phinehas Field was no stranger to colonial family valor. Finally, the tale viewed through an indigenous lens is being explored and developed. A short distance upstream from the carving, there is just such a deadly feature. original dialect. Obviously, now that field trip will never happen. No, it was just a name used by residents to identify a small section of town. But again, that’s superfluous information by now, not by any stretch critical after all these years. Survival Project - Castle Rosethorns. Yes indeed, old Ulmus Americana had a good life in a great place, no richer soil anywhere on the planet. We traveled a short distance, took a quick right before a barn and followed the lane along a barb-wired pasture holding cattle, parking 50 yards north of the tree. To this day, I still can’t believe I found that device by total accident in such a timely fashion. My job was to limit distortion by holding the pages flat, the tip of my index finger memorializing my presence in many frames. Many tavern songs were Her brother, Long Arm, carved the image in 1990. I had never followed the ridge back into the woods. “Had the western sun not been at a perfect angle to illuminate it through a gap in the foliage, I would have never noticed it,” recalled Peirce, who, curious about what looked like a manmade squiggle on an obscured standing stone, turned his kayak around and paddled upstream to investigate. And let him conquer me that can, Just downstream, clinging to the Connecticut’s East Deerfield shoreline, lies exposed, red-sandstone bedrock known historically as Sheldon’s Rocks. There seems to be no short answer these days. “The horse, released from the buggy, was uninjured. Smith’s was the northernmost Canterbury farm, bordered south by the old Bradstreet Grant. I watched Kassabaum’s video with interest, and it led me to my study to see what I could find in my bookshelves. puritanism in Twelfth Night.) The Medieval Tavern is a large historic restaurant in the Old Town in Prague. "Come try my courage man to man Today, the few stragglers that remain stand as lonely reminders of our past. Brooks is now a professor of English and American Studies at Amherst College, and Bruchac, assistant professor of Anthropology, is Coordinator of Native American and Indigenous Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. My family was no exception. Crafts was a little more daring than Temple about Canterbury, writing that it “was so called as early as 1718 and probably earlier,” without sourcing that information. I fiddled with the plastic box and was able to slide it off a frame secured to the tree. Eastern Woodland villagers had great respect for everything in their three-layered cosmos consisting of Grandmother Earth floating between the Sky and Under worlds. First written as two words, Sugar Loaf, in Colonial documents, it was a common European name for mountains that looked from afar like the molded, conical lumps of sugar people bought in the marketplace. Reluctant to engage in conversation during the height of state’s COVID-19 distancing measures, Peirce decided to paddle a short distance down the Connecticut on a temporary reconnaissance mission. The life-expectancy of an American elm is about 300 years, and he thinks it had simply run its course in fertile isolation and died of old age. Field, Sheldon, and Pressey were from another time and mindset, and their published work stood as the accepted Sugarloaf Beaver Myth until the turn of the 21st century. Forges. Selfishness was not tolerated by Native Americans, who valued community sharing and charity. It’s not out of the question that the tree had even sprouted in time to witness the infamous Feb. 29, 1704 Indian attack of Deerfield. So, the elm definitely heard gunfire from the South Meadows’ Bars Fight below on Aug. 25, 1746. Who knows? So, there you have it. An adventure, indeed. pamphlets tell many stories where the innocent traveller is posted in Columns, Genealogy, Local history | I’ve squeezed in a lot of reading and local-history probes since spring, all the while maintaining a yard, harvesting my rhubarb, berries and meaty Romas, tidying the barn, observing wildlife – particularly neighborhood deer at the crack of dawn, when they’re still out – and chatting with neighbors on my daily rounds. They started at a little walnut tree on the Connecticut River bank and continued two miles west to Mill Swamp. The cordage of various widths was used for fishing nets and fishing line as well as baskets, sacks and strong, braided rope?”, Eye to eye, I could sense something wasn’t hunky-dory. He said that although doctors classified him as blind, he could detect some light, shapes, and movement, just enough to stubbornly continue putting one foot in front of the other on home turf he had trekked since childhood. Fact is surveyors have never defined Canterbury, per se, by metes and bounds. Although I noticed that it contained five or 10 pages of notes, I was in a rush and did not investigate the topic. She had it in her blood, so to speak. . Interpreting deer sign along that circuitous journey, we’d be able to assess their feeding and bedding habits. The Peirce images in the hands of Gramly, Thomas and myself spurred independent research by all of us, with communication flying back and forth. There it has for decades served as the Greenfield Public Library. An abundance of food, drink, friends, and entertainment made the tavern a perfect place to gather after a long, hard day of work or travel. A simple coincidence? Medieval Tavern Pictures, Images and Stock Photos. He’s now part of that land. Back then I even happened upon a small Sixties artist commune hidden there, the members of which summered in twine-bound lean-tos off Henhawk Road. No one knew the ridges, swamps, rocks, and rills in Whately’s northwest corner better than Lyndon Scott. My guess is maybe some sort of a small lumber operation.”. A medieval tavern with a bar and rentable bedrooms.

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