ovid, heroides translation

5 tum potui Medea mori bene! and when the sea is stirred, my mind is stirred. Three times I’ve left my clothes on the dry sands: three times, naked, painfully, I’ve tried to swim the roads: the swollen sea opposed my youthful undertaking. But after I descried no more either you or your flying sails, and what my eyes rested on was naught but only sea, the light, too, went away with you, the darkness rose about me, my blood retreated, and with failing knee I sank, they say, upon the ground. So they’ll either demand you back, without the tumult of war. He groans, and sighs secretly from his heart, and has. and my fatigue’s not helped by any doctor’s cure. accepted love-making while under a false illusion: the adulterer was hidden by a swan’s plumage. and the land of Thessaly wasn’t harmed at Colchian hands. You, too, Acontius, if you’re not lying about your love. whom you cruelly allow to die from a shameful illness. Why did my feet touch the painted fabric of that swift vessel? My craft is not impelled by a propitious gale. it was my first care to search out everything about you. While you may, reverse your sails, O ships of Inachus! [1] Tell me, when you looked upon the characters from my eager right hand, did your eye know forthwith whose they were – or, unless you had read their author’s name, Sappho, would you fail to know whence these brief words come? Though she held you from going, she could not stop you. [21] You have beauty, and your years are apt for life’s delights – O beauty that lay in ambush for my eyes! flatter, and we share one house. has fled, and turned his back on the wedding threshold. Look, I again write, and send you, words of pleading! And I follow the will of the gods, gods you are master of. Now we’ll offend in what our hour of marriage will set right. and betray the chaste rights of your lawful bed? This I saw too, it was not something I was told of. If I’d seen you, you’d have been first among the thousand: my husband himself will pardon my opinion. You’d see a body. I, the maiden who am now at last become a barbarian in your eyes, who now am poor, who now seem baneful – I closed the lids of the flame-like eyes in slumber wrought by my drug, and gave into your hand the fleece to steal away unharmed. Ah me! you obstruct his wishes, he obstructs yours. When you see the refinement of our race of men. you, beware lest the first one’s shafts harm you! – She whom I follow is herself a goddess. Ah me, how you delight in me, how this wish of yours gives you joy! And you won’t concede, nor does he think himself inferior. This letter’s another offence, and what you complain of, you hold. I don’t have enough confidence in my body to think that I. might have been the finest gift the goddess could call on. You’ll see endless cities, and golden palaces. the torch in my heart, such as there is now. and complain how little the night lingers. and Hera, set down their tender feet on the grass. So many vain things move me, wrong that’s done deceives. a breeze will come, to carry you soon to your homeland. did only the girl give her name to the desolate waters? I envy Phrixus, carried safely over stormy seas. You’ll bring fire back with you! And Actaeon is witness, once taken to be a wild creature. let the letter I send ease the hateful hours of waiting. Telamon took Hesione: Achilles took Briseis: certainly each of them followed her victorious lord. When you have shunned him, remember to shun others; think that many Hectors are there; and see that you say, as oft as you make ready for the fight: “Laodamia bade me spare herself.” If it be fated Troy shall fall before the Argolic host, let it also fall without your taking a single wound! Along with his brother, who excelled at oratory, Ovid was educated in rhetoric in Rome under the teachers Arellius Fuscus and Porcius … The waves shone with the image of the reflected moon. What do you want here? that favourable winds grant you an easy passage: I hear uncertain cries and I think that every noise. and it would have been better to have foregone fame. Ovid. that I wished to hear you speak that pledge. Also, persistent man, I notice what you do now, when the tables are laid, though I try to pretend –. [85] Clear it is that Juno’s wrath endures from the time the mortal maid became a heifer, and the heifer became a goddess.6 Yet it is punishment enough that the tender maid was a lowing beast, and, but now so fair, could not retain Jove’s love. Penelope to Ulysses 2. life, and the tide, together, abandoned the wretched creature, Whatever it means, I’m frightened: don’t mock my dream. This is the law of yonder place. Perhaps as I gazed at this, I was gazed at by you, Acontius. My head would have been severed from my blood-stained neck. Return to this camp, deserter from mutual love: why should my body be left in the centre of the bed? Venus winning the palm would have been in doubt. I knew not what caused the sudden pangs in me; to travail I was unused, a soldier new to the service. In what I can, they shall say I imitate your toils – in rude attire; and these times of war I will pass in gloom. I calmly slid my arms into the flowing water. and though it spares me, it has an evil name. lest my tongue unknowingly swore by some god. My awkwardness should have been overcome by force. So, is it because of you my health is so uncertain. or chasing the hope of vanishing water with one’s mouth? and scarcely a boat remains safe at its moorings. EPISTLES 11 - 15. If you think I wished to promise you marriage. Perhaps she’ll even touch you, with her snow-white teeth, bringing you to her lips, when she wishes to break your seal.’. Hermione to Orestes 9. When Taenarus’s shore welcomed you, driven by stormy seas. Her father promised it, she swore herself to be in love: in once case a man, in the other the goddess is witness. True you are worthy of the heavens, but linger still on earth. I may stretch my submissive hands out at your feet! once celebrated for the Corcyrian nymphs. Where then was your rich dowry? I ask not sin of you, but marriage and a true contract: I love as one bound in marriage, not an adulterer. and each return, once more, to the cities we came from: that would be little, but better than nothing at all. It just seems so hokey, and I feel like the need to work everything so it rhymes warps the translation a lot. The ploughed fields you sow full with envenomed teeth in place of seed; and there rises out of the earth, with sword and shield, a warrior band. a prize so great should have been held forever. Either I’ll reach happiness, through courage, in safety. iussus inexpertam Colchos advertere puppim intrasti patriae regna beata meae. Others to be well suffer steel and flame. but father and mother stopped me, asking for my prayers. and, born from the waves, she smoothes the sea-lanes. Paris, if only I might have not read what I’ve read. An island encircled by the Aegean Sea, is named Cea. Now I’ve wearied my sick body with this pen: and my hand denies further service, in my illness. My heart’s not been lightly grazed by the arrow’s point: Now I recall, that to be pierced by a heavenly arrow, Helen, forebear to deny the love we’re given –. Cydippe, I fear to tell you the truth. Is this the reward that comes, by your praise of marvellous beauty. I ask a great reward it’s true, and not one that is due me: Guided by this, I’ve made my uncertain way over the wide sea. What you touch is to be mine: If you do that, shortly, you’ll be an adulterer. [5] Perhaps, too, you may ask why my verses alternate, when I am better suited to the lyric mode. The pains compel my groans, but fear, the nurse, and shame itself forbid. do you act in such a way that she can never be yours? [135] But when Titan shows his face and lights up all the earth, I complain that sleep has deserted me so soon; I make for the grots and the wood, as if the wood and the grots could aid me – those haunts were in the secret of my joys. A further set of … Theoi Project © Copyright 2000 - 2017 Aaron J. Atsma, New Zealand. the gaze which my eyes can scarcely bear. I will not tell you aught untrue: thrice did my hand raise high the piercing blade, and thrice, having basely raised it, fell again. and I wasn’t afraid to observe each one with a look. and also, because of it, Troy had a day of festival. If you were less beautiful, then you’d be sought with restraint: You’ve done this, and your eyes, whose fires the stars. [173] Her warning given, she ceased her speech, and vanished; in terror I arose, and my eyes could not keep back their tears. As it is, this place is not kind to tender girls: here Helle perished, here I’m wounded by the waters. Then ‘twas that I saw you, then began to know you; that was the first impulse to the downfall of my soul. Ah me, how I feel I’ve revealed my feelings to you! Now, because we are nearer, I burn with a nearer flame. and may its flame never become cold ashes. Neither by nature or custom am I so cunning: If I’ve achieved anything, ingenious Love. Grant only that you won’t reject a Phrygian husband too easily. and consider you to have been hurt by my cunning. I wish you could rightly compel, what you wrongly persuade! You can better help my state than the Leucadian wave; both in beauty and in kindness you will be a Phoebus to me. I could scarcely hold my laughter, which, with a struggle, I suppressed, and could say nothing except; ‘It shall be.’. He is not one it befits to engage with bared steel in the shock of battle, to present a savage breast to the opposing foe; his might is greater for in love than on the field. 4. to be thought, mindful of you, protects you with her anger: She scarcely did more for Hippolytus himself. Why are our hearts that joined severed by the waves. And now I look out, and now I pray in a fearful voice. The cause is hidden, my illness is obvious: you two. For what Jove could I be said to be happily at fault? When Jason, of Pagasa, once entered Colchis. Whoever he is, he’ll please us, since he pleased Diana before.’. Choose, as you’ve wrought: don’t try to appease Diana. [65] Of Hector, whoe’er he be, if I am dear to you, be ware; keep his name stamped in ever mindful heart! victorious, she retraced her steps to the sky. [21] ‘Tis some pleasure to reproach the ungrateful with favours done. His works include the Heroides, a collection of poems in the form of letters from heroines to their loves.Ovid's two other myth-themed works were the Metamorphoses and the Fasti.. Ovid. holds you in his embrace, and enjoys you to the full: but I, in short, scarcely see you when the tables are set. But Venus agreed this, and in the deep valleys of Ida. Why recall how many times I kiss the garments. I believe, you’re often ill. She protects your interests, she’s anxious lest you perjure yourself. and I’ll be bound by my words according to your rites: I’ll make ready for you to travel to my kingdom. if the countries were full of my unchastity. or Callisto’s Bear shining at the frozen pole: But it does not please me for the loves of Perseus. Yet delight too greatly I did – else, when once the strange craft had been beached upon our sands and brought us her bold crew, all unanointed would the unremembering son of Aeson have gone forth to meet the fires exhaled from the flame-scorched nostrils of the bulls; he would have scattered the seeds – as many as the seeds were the enemy, too – for the sower himself to fall in strife with his own sowing! Spare us, proud one, and embroil yourself in battle out at sea: this short passage separates our two lands. Stanford Libraries' official online search tool for books, media, journals, databases, government documents and more. and where I drank from, you drink from that place too. Ovid - The Heroides: a new complete downloadable English translation. why throw yourself at me? Or, if I perish, O more savage than any cliff or wave, you can endure the name of causing my death? If the forces of love are in the seed it could hardly be. Your Phrygians are readying your sails: while you speak to me, while you arrange the hoped-for night.

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