1121 golden sella basmati rice specification

1121 Golden Sella Basmati Rice. Foreign Matter In order to ensure utmost purity and freshness of the offered 1121 Sella Basmati Rice, we conduct various quality checks as per set parameters. Broken Grain - 1% Max. Rice Name: 1121 Basmati Rice: Variety: Sella / Golden / Steam / Raw: Origin: India : Moisture: 13 % Max: Length: Average 7.5 - 8.3 MM: Broken: 2% Max: Sortex: 100% Sortex: Packing : 1,2,5,10,25,50 Kg PP bag, Non Woven bag, BOPP bag… 1121 Golden Sella basmati rice has the delicious taste same as basmati rice, but with improved holding ability. Each rice grain separates out perfectly after cooking. Moisture. By 2007, the variety has become widely popular with farmers, as Pusa-1121 is photo-insensitive, requires less water, matures early and yields 19–20 quintals of paddy per acre as compared to 9–10 quintals for traditional tall basmati. A decade after the release of Pusa-1121, a rice variety that accounts for roughly three-fourths of India’s $4 billion-plus annual basmati exports, Pusa-1509 was developed as a challenger to 1121. As a Group, as individuals and as service providers, our values are deeply rooted in integrity, honesty, continual self improvement and mutual respect. These rice feature extra long grain, non-sticky after cooking and longer shelf life. There is no artificial flavor is added in the rice which makes it organically proved. ... 1509-golden-sella-dubar-basmati-rice. We are offering 1121 golden sella basmati rice. - 8.35 MM. This rice is organically grown, under favorable agro climate conditions with the effective use of natural fertilizers. It is processed in an organic manner, packed under 100% hygienic condition while preserving the nutritional value. The offered 1121 Sella Basmati Rice is available in various packaging options in order to meet various requirements of the customers. Traditional Basmati Rice; Golden sella basmati rice; Sugandha Basmati Rice; Sharbati Basmati Rice; 1121 White Basmati Rice. Organic Sugandha Golden Sella Basmati Rice, Organic Sharbati Golden Sella Basmati Rice. - 95.00%. It extends upto thrice if cooked properly. Specification : Broken: 1-2% Max. 1121 basmati Rice is world’s Longest Grain in Basmati Rice.Its size is 8.05mm to 8.30mm uncooked. Product Description. The 1121 Sella Rice which is carefully nurtured and cultivated to retain its nutritional value. broken : 1.0% (max.) The length of the uncooked 1121 Basmati Rice recorded in the Limca Book of World Records (2008) is between 8.30 to 8.40mm. Our ethical business practices, timely delivery and maintaining transparency in all our business operations has helped us to achieve huge client base. © 2019 Shivshakti International - All Rights Reserved. The length of uncooked 1121 Raw Basmati rice ranges from 8.20 to 9.01mm. Shiv Shakti International has become one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of high-quality 1121 golden Sella Basmati Rice. Sugandha is cultivated in Rajasthan, declared as a Basmati variety under Seeds Act, 1966. Therefore it is perfect to be used in various types of cuisines for extravagant treats. To provide healthy nutritious rice varieties for the healthy people, we use the best processing techniques in growing pesticide free organic rice. The 1121 Sella Rice available with us has high nutrition, rich … For the purpose of milling, it is ensured that the paddy is first steamed then dried. 1121 Basmati Rice is one of the types of basmati rice. Specification: Length of Rice… The rice is rich in nutritional value, taste and aroma. This, in addition makes the 1121 Basmati White Sella Rice highly nutrient and healthy. Golden Sella Basmati Rice is a cultivar of basmati rice that has been parboiled or partially boiled while still in its husk and then milled.So Golden Sella is actually parboiled basmati rice.The rice turns pale yellow after parboiling hence the name ‘Golden‘ This rice is however, very different from other parboiled long grain rice, that have that telltale smell of parboiled rice. Exporter of 1121 Basmati Rice - 1121 XXL White Raw Basmati Rice, 1121 Golden Sella Basmati Rice, White Sella Basmati Rice and 1121 Creamy Sella Basmati Rice … There is no artificial flavor is added in the rice which makes it organically proved. High in nutritional value, excellent natural sweet taste and rich aroma.We ensure that the basmati rice we export is free from all kinds of impurities. When cooked the grains grow considerably in length but not in width giving long, slender grains which are not sticky and are characterized by a light aroma. Moisture: 12% Max. Specification. Average Grain Length. The 1121 Golden Sella Basmati Rice is the variety of rice that is known as Briyani Special rice variety. We are offering 1121 golden sella basmati rice. Each rice grain separates out perfectly after cooking. These have longer shelf life and average grain length is 8.3mm before cooking. Carewell Impex, 141/142 F, Mahagujarat Industrial Estate, Sarkhej-Bavla Rd, Moraiya Moraiya Ahmedabad - 382213, Gujarat, India, Carewell Impex, 141/142 F, Mahagujarat Industrial Estate, Sarkhej-Bavla Rd, Moraiya. Our well-trained and experienced farmers grow 1121 Sella basmati rice by using the classic seeds which afterwords get cleaned with the help of the advanced machinery system. It is available in White/Creamy Sella, Golden Sella… View Details » Send Enquiry » We take on big challenges and pride on accomplishment of the same. Natural Admixture. 50KG, 20KG,10KG,5KG OR as per buyers requirement. We hold ourselves accountable to our customers, partners and employees and the society honoring our commitments, providing and striving for the highest quality. Last but not least, we customize our packaging as per the clients' requirements at the most affordable prices.

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